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Dark mode is not working

Tried to switch into the dark mode but it's not working
Guest 4 days ago in Features 1 Already exists

Collapse / expand text header and section in Dashboards

Currently we can add text headers to dashboards. It would be really useful if we could take this one step further and be able to collapse/expand text header areas so that we can draw focus to a particular section.
Julie Edwards 4 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Allow report filtering by individual custom scorecard metrics

Filtering on individual scorecard metrics is currently only available for the default score field. For example, there is a default "Score" field on features in Aha! and I do have the option to filter on those scorecard metrics in a report.However,...
Anthony Chamy 8 days ago in  0 Future consideration

Table of content (ToC) for description

For longer Epic/Feature descriptions, I would like to have an automatic Table of Content that links to the headings, preferably where you can set the maximum heading level (e.g. only show heading 1s, only show heading 1 and 2)
Martin Haitsma 12 days ago in Features 3 Already exists

Make toggling between create/view layouts more obvious within the custom layout editor

The custom layout editor allows you to define the layouts for both the view screen and the create screen for a given record type. The admin needs to toggle between these 2 view types using a drop-down at the top of the screen.This drop-down was no...
Mark Eaves 24 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Allow creation of custom tabs in the new layout

It would be great if it would be possible to add our own tabs in the new layout, especially for Features. With some custom fields, the Overview tab gets filled up quite quickly and it's hard to spot the field you need, you scroll up and down and s...
Stephanie Redl 10 months ago in Features 5 Likely to implement

Disable Changing to the Next Page in Presentation by Click Left Mouse Button

In Presentation mode, clicking on the left mouse button anywhere on the screen changes it to the next page. I understand that you are trying to make this easier for a presenter to change pages vs clicking the arrows on the bottom right corner. I...
Anthony Lau 5 days ago in Presentations 0

Ability to customize the hyperlink in the 'Integration' field for Jira integration 2.0

Assume the following are our server urls.Jira server URL - internal server URL - https://jira.sample.comNow, the hyper link on Aha! records should ideally show<...
Guest 5 days ago in Jira 0 Future consideration

Provide an API end point for "Updates records" function inside the Integration

We use the "Update records" button in Aha! to bring the latest data from Jira into Aha! As we have already got the records linked between Aha! and Jira and we are not looking for using a webhook.
Guest 5 days ago in Wanted 0 Future consideration

Allow automations to run on any custom field

Not just the fields present in your epic/release/feature/idea template. I have flows for each of these record types that add new fields for input later on and would like to run automations on them, but can't unless I add them to the template used ...
Danielle A 10 days ago in Workflow boards 0 Likely to implement