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Add Workflow view to Dashboards

please add Workflow view to Dashboards. It is a great way to show a roadmap in a dashboard.
Guest about 1 month ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Capacity planning: option to pre-populate teams

Please provide an option to pre-populate the list of teams in the capacity planning section of each epic. We have 14 teams where we're capturing estimates. When entering capacity data, it's very onerous having to manually add a row for each team t...
Brian Trombley 14 days ago in Epic 0 Future consideration

Notifications for bulk edits to ideas

Ideas subscribers are not notified about status changes to ideas when the ideas are edited in bulk. It would be helpful to:Receive a warning when bulk editing idea statuses that subscribers will not be notified of these changesOr, have the option ...
Jeanette Resnikoff 18 days ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Capacity for teams: Estimate in story points

This idea is to update capacity for teams to support the ability to estimate in story points. You are currently only able to estimate in hours, people, or cost.
Nathaniel Collum 6 months ago in Features 2 Future consideration

Add Initiative Reference number at the Feature level

Currently we can see only the Initiative name at the Feature level but not the Initiative Reference number. We are working on a bigger initiative and it will be really helpful to add the Initiative reference number at the Feature level.
Uma Prabhala 4 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Automatically change the colour of an Initiative set by a custom field.

There are so many fields, especially if your adding custom ones and when there is a quick view I want to provide lots of information with little text. I use symbols, but I also change the color of an initiative depending on how one of the custom f...
Olivia Quakenbush 4 days ago in  0 Future consideration

Add an Option to save the filter in roadmaps-libary-overview

When I enter the Overview in roadmaps-libary always the setting is set to "my reports". But I have to see all reports of my team. Sometimes I'm only looking for my reports, but I always want to see all the reports.
Tobias Michels 5 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Add conditions to Automation rules

It would be useful to add conditions to the new automation rules feature to allow for more targeted behavior. For example in my internal ideas portal, I have an approval step in the ideas workflow between "needs review" and the next step in the pr...
Ronnie Merkel 7 months ago in Features 2 Future consideration

Allow custom worksheet fields to populate without clicking on field in each record

I created a custom worksheet field for my features, and every row in my worksheet contained formulas that were derived from other fields. The formulas in my worksheet only produce values after I manually click on the worksheet field in every recor...
Spencer Abrams 7 months ago in Application 6 Likely to implement

Hierarchy of titles on the Related >> Linked Record tab

As a PM, I want to see hierarchical titles on the Related >> Linked Record tab, in the Drawer view, so that I can have a better sense of where the Requirement is coming from.Requirement >> Feature >> Schedule
Pamela Thomas 16 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration