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Match feature tag coloring across reports and charts

It would be helpful that the set coloring chosen for a specific feature tag remain consistent when displayed in reports or charts. Currently, the coloring when including feature tags into a chart seems to be random and can cause confusion when mul...
Guest 3 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Integrations class

GOAL: Deeper dive into common integrations | CLASS MATERIAL IDEAS: Setting up successfully, Troubleshooting.
Julie Price 11 months ago in Training 2 Future consideration

I want to customize the Organizations view

I want to sort and filter organizations by standard and custom fields. For example: company size; deal stage (we have initial sale, renewal, etc); deal close date. We use this for managing ideas but also - more importantly - for confirming that fe...
Guest 6 days ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Add OR Logic to Roadmap and Report Filters

Presently, it appears that reports and roadmaps use strict AND logic when adding filters; However, it would be useful for more accurately defining the scope of what data you wish to see if OR logic were also present. For example, if I wanted items...
I R 7 days ago in Roadmaps 0 Already exists

Please remove bad related linking options from related tab under initiative

Our PMs are breaking the fundamental model that initiatives have epics that have features. This is the expectation for many reports and for our integrations to engineering tools. The enabler of the bad behavior is the related tabs functionality to...
Kevin Martin 7 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Please restore list functionality under ideas, epics and features

Our PMs are quite unhappy with recent retraction of lists they used regularly under the idea and feature tabs (and they had also called it a bug that it was not working under Epics as well). They believe local admins disabled navigation or broke t...
Kevin Martin 7 days ago in Reports 0

send comments at time of integration or allow admins to configure that option

Our PMs do not want the comments automatically (and permanently) withheld from integration as described in the knowledge base. They call it a bug if their comments to engineering are not sent at time of integration send, and no action can force th...
Kevin Martin 7 days ago in Comments / Notifications 0 Future consideration

Share initiative workflow view as webpage

It would be beneficial for the Product team to be able to share a view of initiatives in the workflow as it's the right level of information. The view can be added to a presentation but I'd love to share just a single page that folks can click to ...
Ryan Hutnick 7 days ago in Workflow boards 0 Future consideration

Zoom in feature for read only users

In notes the read only users cannot even zoom in to see the notes/posts which is really hard to see, please provide atleast zoom in/out feature for read only users
Guest 7 days ago in Notes 0 Future consideration

Provide integration between AHA and HCL Compass / IBM ClearQuest

A integration between AHA and HCL Compass / IBM ClearQuest would allow Features/Epics to be shared with the workflow tools Compass and ClearQuest As Product Manager for ClearQuest and Compass we would welcome this integration for our joint custome...
Guest 7 days ago in Integrations 0 Future consideration