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Common repository of List view saved reports

Saved reports generated from Ideas > List and Features > List should be available when accessing saved reports from Roadmap > Analytics. Generally, it's non-intuitive that Roadmaps > Analytics is not the master repository of all saved ...
Jeff Shaffer 5 days ago in My work 1 Planning to implement

Don't Show Shipped Features When Promoting an Idea

When assigning VoC from Workspace 1 to a Project (Promote to Project), I'd like: Not to see any delivered projects, unless I opt to see delivered projects.
Anna Polak 6 days ago in  0 Future consideration

Feature fields inherit values from Release fields

When I move a Feature to a Release, I'd like to have some Feature fields inherit their values from Release fields. For instance, when I assign a Feature to a Release, I want the external release date of the Release put into the Feature's "Release ...
Jor Bratko 6 days ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Introduce the ability for report owners and collaborators to control access on a per-report basis

We have a need to enable SSO for shared webapges. We want to create and share reports with internal teams that they can then bookmark in their browsers. We also embed many reports within our own internal Confluence. Currently, within the webpage s...
Shannon Sauvé 6 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Ability to use a calculated column from a list report as a date field in a custom roadmap

Currently a calculated column in a list report can be formatted as a date and can be included in a custom roadmap in the "Shown on bars" and "Group bars by" section which is helpful. However, the calculated column is not available to select as a d...
Guest 12 days ago in  0 Future consideration

Advanced functionality training

GOAL: Provide training on more advanced functionality | CLASS MATERIAL IDEAS: Capacity planning, Budgeting, Advanced administration Automations Worksheets Custom tables Integrations (Dev tools, Confluence etc.)
Julie Price 10 months ago in Training 1 Future consideration
100 VOTE

Support for Zenhub in the Github Enterprise integration

Zenhub is a very popular project management extension for Github users. Amongst other capabilities it provides more effective ways to represent Epics, Epic,story relationships, kanban, and burndown. I would like to see the existing Github Enterpri...
Andrew Foster 11 months ago in GitHub 4 Future consideration

Dark mode for Roadmaps Application

I couldn't tell if the other dark mode request was for Roadmaps application. The white is blinding.
kristin gerhard steiner 20 days ago in Application 1 Future consideration

Reporting best practices class

GOAL: Set best practices in Aha! to become a reporting/roadmapping pro | CLASS MATERIAL IDEAS: Report best practices and approaches, Advanced reports, roadmaps, and dashboards, Hands-on exercises in a training environment.
Julie Price 11 months ago in Training 1 Future consideration

Gantt chart customization

Allow users to modify Gantt charts like they can other roadmaps (e.g. group sections by product or on a custom field; show additional data). Want to visualize dependencies in roadmap form, but Gantt charts get cluttered quickly...
Danielle A 7 months ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration