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Allow spam filter in private portals

Currently the spam filter is only available in public portals. However in some cases, such as when SSO is enabled for users of an app, where filtering for spam is still necessary.
Austin Merritt 3 days ago in  0 Likely to implement

Enable ability to create autolinking rule for Gitlab/Github

GitLab drops the product prefix, and only supports a single hardcoded URL which means setting up an autolinking rule from Gitlab/Github to Aha! is not possible.
Kristina Gass 2 days ago in Extensions 0 Future consideration

Need proper notifications for Workspace users when new Idea is posted in the portal

We have an internal feedback portal where people from various teams (Sales, CS, Support, AMs) post their ideas and feedback for our product. Our product team can't keep frequently checking the workspace for new Ideas added. So the product team nee...
Guest 3 days ago in Ideas portal 0 Already exists

Ability to use a calculated column from a list report as a date field in a custom roadmap

Currently a calculated column in a list report can be formatted as a date and can be included in a custom roadmap in the "Shown on bars" and "Group bars by" section which is helpful. However, the calculated column is not available to select as a d...
Guest 3 days ago in  0 Future consideration

Improve integration job troubleshooting steps

To help me quickly troubleshoot background job logs: Tag each Update all linked records job type with the integration name. You are already doing this with Integration Import job types. In the case where a background job has failed, you write in t...
Alfred S 2 days ago in Jira 0

Ability to create custom drop down with values from another custom field in another workspace

I would like to create a custom drop down field that appears on all Epics that use a shared layout. The custom field should be the available values in another custom field for a specific workspace. To illustrate: * On workspaces 1-10, I want to ad...
Guest 2 days ago in Epic 0

Rename prefix for team in Aha! Develop

I recently imported all our team's features from Jira into Aha! Develop. I later discovered that the prefix is not able to be changed. Currently, the only way to adjust the prefix would be to reimport them—either delete and then re-add from Jira o...
Ted Mader 2 days ago in Application 0 Future consideration

Fix bugs in pivot report

Every time I add/change data in a pivot report, it screws up the column widths and I lose the ability to resize them.
Guest 2 days ago in Product 0

Allow all custom fields to be added to feature workflow board card layout

Today, the Feature workflow board will only show the custom fields for the "current workspace," but the workflow board can show records from multiple workspaces.
Guest 2 days ago in  0 Future consideration

Ability to track roadmap changes

A critical part of tracking & reporting on roadmaps, especially for management, is the ability to report on changes to roadmap. We need to be able to understand when items slip.
Guest 3 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration