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Bigger Input boxes on Prioritization feature

The input text boxes should be bigger. We can't see the whole number. There is plenty of room to make them bigger.
Brett Wilmeth about 22 hours ago in Features 0

Filter out merged Ideas from Prioritization Report

As a Product Manager, I don't want to see merged ideas in my pioritization report so that I can focus on ideas that are standalone or which other ideas have been merged into, i.e. ideas that actually require prioritization
Joe Buehlmeyer 2 days ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Allow migration of detailed estimates to initial estimates and vice versa

We have customers today who want to be able to bulk migrate detailed estimates to the initial estimate field and vice versa. We should allow this via .csv import or possibly through the UI.
Bryan McElhinney about 24 hours ago in Capacity planning 0

Different fields required/visible at different statuses

It would be helpful to have different fields available and/or required at different statuses. So for instance there is certain information that our team wouldn't have/know until they delivered the work. The user would then see/be required to fill ...
Annika Hudson 1 day ago in Features 0

Prioritization view: support filter by parent record(s)

On the prioritization view, I'd want to be able to filter as follows: Features by Epic or Initiative Epics by Initiatives or Goals:
Dale Potter 1 day ago in  0 Future consideration

Allow pasting inline images in the Ideas Portal

The Ideas Portal does not allow pasting images in the details section. It only allows attaching images (screenshots) as attachments. When there are multiple screenshots, this can be annoying. Please allow pasting images inline like you can on the ...
Warren Evans 2 days ago in Ideas portal 0

Restore the remaining estimate when a Requirement is moved from Shipped back to In Development

When a Requirement is shipped the remaining estimate will go to 0, but if that Requirement is re-opened then it will stay 0. Is there a way to restore the remaining estimate when a Requirement is re-opened?
Dale Crane 5 days ago in Features 3 Future consideration

In-app requests for workspace roles

It would be great if users with access to workspace could submit a request within Aha Roadmaps for a different role to be assigned to them or for a role to be assigned to other users. This would streamline the process for admins to assign roles to...
David I. about 1 hour ago in Account settings 0

Ability to have unique set of categories for an idea portal

If workspace has multiple ideas portals, ability to have unique categories for each ideas portal. For one idea portal, perhaps I want to have those ideas with a category of dealer experience. I do not want the customer to have other options for ca...
Guest about 5 hours ago in Ideas portal 0

Capacity planning: calculate the happy/optimal path for me based on a set of criteria

The improvements to capacity planning are making it much easier to do team and individual capacity planning. I would love to see an end state where I can provide a set of information on a record and have Aha! calculate the optimal plan for me. The...
Dale Potter about 7 hours ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration