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Allow portal users to manually select their language

With Aha! Ideas Advanced the ideas portal can now support multiple languages. The portal will automatically detect a user's browser language and display the portal in that language (assuming the language is enabled for the portal).However, some us...
Kelly Sebes about 17 hours ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Ability to view Custom field details in the custom layout builder when users have only ability to select the existing custom fields and add to the layouts.

Ability to just view (not edit)the Custom field details when adding a custom field to a custom layout on the custom layout buildercustom field name,API Key,Internal name, drop down values if its a predefined choice list or tags field
Uma Prabhala 1 day ago in Application 0 Future consideration

Allow capacity planning estimates to determine start / end dates

When we add advanced estimates against a feature or an initaitive, inputting the estimate of resources required per team (and per month, in some scenarios), Aha! does not have a way of automatically calculating the start/end date of the records ba...
Madeleine Black 2 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Set a default progress calculation

Challenge: Currently, the progress field is automatically set to calculate manually when added to a custom layout. This causes manual work if I want all my records to be calculated based on a different option.Desired experience: I would like to be...
Julie Price 29 days ago in Features 13 Future consideration

Reference field for different capacity planning scenarios

We want to use estimates from capacity planning to feed into one of our initiative record worksheets in order to get an idea of cost (estimated hours x blended rate). This works in concept using the "original_estimate" reference field; however, we...
Anh Truong 2 days ago in  0

Customize the form - instead of only add idea, add project request...

We are using the forms for more reasons than ideas such as submitting information or a request form.
Guest about 9 hours ago in Ideas 0

Allow Annual and "child" Quarterly Goals in a workspace

At my company, we have both annual and quarterly goals that we need to add to AHA tickets. At this time, Goals are a flat list. We would like to have a way to create Annual and child quarterly goals in the strategy tab of our workspace, and have t...
Jean Cote about 10 hours ago in Features 0

Improve text editing experience to support Shift+DEL to cut text.

It drives me CRAZY that, in your text editor fields, you support Ctrl+V and Shift+Ins(ert) to paste text, support Ctrl+C to copy, and Ctrl+V to paste, but do NOT support Shift+DEL to CUT.What makes it worse is, the text IS REMOVED from the edit fi...
Steve Ives about 12 hours ago in  1

Filter within a custom field

It would be nice to filter (AND, OR, NOT, etc) for specific pre-set tags within a custom field. For example, if I got a custom field called NUMBERS. Within that field I've pre-defined "1", "2", "3", "4". These numbers are assigned to a requirement...
Simon Au about 12 hours ago in Reports 0

Allow dependent records to show on reports

Is it possible to allow the dependent records to be shown for an item in the list report?
Patty Dennis-Jones about 13 hours ago in  0