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Allow Enterprise Customers to Manage Account Upgrade Advertisement Pop-up messages

Enterprise accounts are managed through centralized procurement processes. It is inappropriate and confusing for Aha! to be advertising a Free trial to individual users to enable Ideas Advanced features. It would be useful to have an instance-wide...
Suzie McCarthy 1 day ago in Application 0 Future consideration

Swimlanes in workflow view for projects

If you could add possibility to form swim-lanes in workflow view it would be very useful.
Kote Khutsishvili 2 days ago in Product 0 Future consideration

New design is ugly can I return the previous design?

Hate it. Why everyone trying to make all things on page bigger? I need more details on page not less.
Vladimir P 3 days ago in Features 1

Enable Google Keep Move and Pin

It would be great to allow for cards (epics, features, requirements) to move in any "card" based view. A great example is Google Keep (Web version on Desktop). Google Keep allows for easy moving of cards and pinning of favorites to the top. Add in...
Todd Materazzi about 10 hours ago in Product 0 Future consideration

better validation warnings and units tips and handling on estimates fields

the toolips on estimates fields need consistent messaging in all field contexts, with proper messaging/tip content based on the units of the configuration. this needs to be the UX when creating (actual configured units not a hard-coded either/or t...
Kevin Martin about 16 hours ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

please let admin better control the field choices on apply rank to users cannot make bad choice

apply rank opens a picker to let user decide which custom field to apply the rank value to , and that custom field needs to be the field in the mappings that provide update into target tooling (my case, its ADO, stack rank). I see multiple custom ...
Kevin Martin about 17 hours ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Ability to link existing Initiatives, Releases or Epics to Progress Bars in a whiteboard

Sometimes you need to create a timeline but none of the report types fits you 100%, so it would be great if in a whiteboard, using the feature Shapes>Advanced>Timelines or Shapes>Advanced>Progress bar could be linked to an existing rec...
Edgar Holguin about 17 hours ago in Whiteboards 0 Future consideration

Allow using automation to change the parking lot of new features in Aha Develop

When creating automation for features in Aha Develop, it's not possible to change the parking lot (workspace) of the feature. There is a variety of fields that can be changed, but unfortunately, the parking lots are not among them. This would help...
Niklas Gromann about 17 hours ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Ability to add links to the top navigation

We have many workspaces that would benefit from the ability to add pages and views to the top nav. For our use case, we would like to: Add sub pages to existing top nav items Add new top nav items to create a folder of quick links We do not have a...
Nathaniel Collum about 18 hours ago in Account settings / Application 0 Future consideration

Allow Bulk Edits to Prioritization List

Once a prioritized list is created/saved, it would be useful to be able to bulk edit the Epics & Features contained in the saved Prioritization list. Assign tags, goals, initiative, dates, etc. to help with tracking, reporting and filtering vi...
Chris Lenzo about 19 hours ago in Features 0 Future consideration