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Ideas overview page - summary

Who would benefit? Clients. What impact would it make? They could review all ideas they have submitted in a quick glance. How should it work? We would like to have a summary on the total number of the ideas raised within a workspace, and / or the ...
Krisztina Hodjan 5 days ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Customize the options available in the "Goals" and "Initiatives" fields on related "downstream" records

Who would benefit? Organizations that need to ensure that a large group of users link records together in a consistent way for roll up reporting. What impact would it make? Improved data quality by providing a narrow selection of possible goals an...
Dale Potter about 1 month ago in Strategy 0 Future consideration
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Show milestones on Roadmap views (Not Gantt view)

Who would benefit? All users of road maps What impact would it make? Road map discussions are often broad discussions reaching to the future. I know you can add milestones to Gantt charts but they are not visible on any of the road map views we us...
Paul Wade 5 months ago in Roadmaps 4 Future consideration

Ability to associate ToDo items to workspace (not the Initiative/Epic/Feature)

Who would benefit? Product Managers and PM Leaders What impact would it make? Allow us to get more value out of Aha! by using Aha! ToDos for regular activities required of a team How should it work? Allow a ToDo record to be created as a child of ...
Guest about 8 hours ago in To-dos 0

Copy release phase custom fields when a release is copied

Who would benefit? Teams that create templated releases and utilize custom fields on release phases. Currently when a release is copied, the custom fields on phases do not get copied over. This means teams have to repeatedly set these release phas...
Max Robbins about 12 hours ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Allow linked items on whiteboard to remain clickable when grouped

Who would benefit? All whiteboard users What impact would it make? Simplify navigation to linked items How should it work? Because the feature cared and other cards cannot be customized (and likely even if they could) - it is helpful to group a ca...
Guest about 16 hours ago in Whiteboards 0 Future consideration

Customized whiteboard zoom

Who would benefit? Anyone collaborating with the new Aha! Whiteboards What impact would it make? It will improve collaboration, since the launch of whiteboards, I now have another reason to keep all my work in one single place. However, when shari...
Victor Herrera about 20 hours ago in Whiteboards 1 Future consideration

Slack to Aha Notebook Integration

Who would benefit? everyone who uses slack and aha What impact would it make? reduce duplicated effort, improve knowledge management capture and record keeping How should it work? it should be possible to have a command to capture threads, slack c...
Guest about 22 hours ago in Slack 0 Likely to implement

Roadmap history: Show when delivery risk flags were raised or removed

Who would benefit? Product teams tracking delivery risks What impact would it make? Teams often need to understand not just what records are currently at risk, but when the risk was raised (and by whom, when relevant) and when the risk was mitigat...
Reilly O'Connor 5 days ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Hourly Digest Email - add standard idea category to the email

Please add the standard category field from ideas to the hourly digest email.
Guest 5 days ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration