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Run a report to identify users assigned to receive work requests

We are using work requests to share requirements across workspaces. Since users who will receive work requests must have at least View rights to the sending workspace, it would be useful to know who will receive the request to make sure their righ...
Guest 1 day ago in To-dos 0

I would like to be able to configure capacity planning to only allow for advanced estimates

I'm trying to drive standards with my team to enter advanced team-based estimates on all of their work. Right now they have the option to either enter a simple estimate or an advanced estimate. I'd like to enforce team-based estimates by only allo...
Erin Ward 1 day ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Ability to archive and/or export a customization

Once an organization has decided on specific configuration settings (deeming it "golden" as an example) they need to document those configuration values in case it is accidentally (or maliciously) changed. An ability to archive and/or export the c...
Guest 1 day ago in Account settings 0

Add whiteboard previews to strategic model components

I embedded a whiteboard into a strategic model component. It was a brainstorming session, and I was hoping a thumbnail or something would show on the strategic model itself. But instead there’s just a link to the whiteboard. A thumbnail of the whi...
Erik Johnson 1 day ago in Strategy 0

Edit an Approval request before it is sent

We will be using Approvals as gates for requirement rejection and/or deferrals. The approvals team will need arguments and data to make the evaluation. With the current functionality the Approval is sent as the Feature enters the relevant state an...
Guest 1 day ago in Features 0

Shrink timeline in gantt chart for unscheduled Capabilities

Would like a way to have the timeline for capabilities without a start/end date (aka, sitting in a parking lot) to not span an entire timeline. As it is, it looks more like it’s something that is going to take a long time, versus something that is...
Guest 1 day ago in Roadmaps 0

Add Usage & Access History for Reports & Roadmaps

Aha! contains some incredible reporting capabilities that allow anyone to quickly create and share reports associated with the development activities. This is incredibly convenient and helpful to share information in a transparent way and empower ...
Mark Slykhouse 1 day ago in Reports 0

Google analytics - Universal Analytics ending July 2023

Google will no longer support universal analytics, all of our analytics use GA4 and we won't be turning them back to UA, this means we can't use the analytics integration for roadmaps which looks really useful. Please can you support GA4
Mike Lowery 1 day ago in Google Analytics 0

Report on detailed estimate cost field

When creating a report the cost, hours and people fileds are greyed out. We need to reference these in reports.
Chris Brooks 1 day ago in Application 0

automatically refresh worksheet custom field

We have a custom worksheet field that holds the detailed estimate total cost, hours and people so we can create a field in a report which calculates a percentage of the cost. If we update the estimate, we have to refresh the worksheet field manual...
Chris Brooks 1 day ago in Capacity planning 0