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Integrate Aha! into my daily workflow with an improved Slack integration

Integrate Aha! Roadmaps into my daily workflow with a Slack app for Aha! Roadmaps. I've included some of my common use cases below. Help me start my day Daily summary I do two things when I log in for work: check Slack notifications and open Aha! ...
Nathaniel Collum 19 days ago in Slack 0 Future consideration

Customize the data columns displayed in My work

The record lists presented in My work almost display everything I need to know to prioritize my day and take action on the most important work. To really use these pages effectively, I need the ability to customize the data presented in the record...
Nathaniel Collum 18 days ago in My work 0 Future consideration

Enable viewing the Epic or Feature Rank on Cards

Our team uses the board rank for epic & feature on a daily basis, and not having it in a card makes it very hard to manage our highest value work when using card views.
Steven Schafer 4 days ago in Capacity planning 0

Customize My work for my workflow

I need the ability to configure My work for my use case. The page is often cluttered with elements that we may never use. Here are a few of the challenges we've run into: Customize My work by persona Customize for novice users. Imagine a cleaner i...
Nathaniel Collum 18 days ago in My work 0 Future consideration

Allow 2-way syncing of attachments in Github integration

Currently attachments only sync 1-way from Aha! to Github. It would be ideal if attachments added via Github would be updated in Aha! as well.
Austin Merritt 4 days ago in  0 Future consideration

Support PI planning and Program Boards in Aha! Roadmaps

Aha! Develop has excellent support for SAFe in its program increment, sprint planning and program board functionality. Teams who are doing PI planning in Aha! Roadmaps with their engineering teams in other development tools are not able to benefit...
Madeleine Black about 1 month ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

form is only in English cannot type in Japanese character text in the idea or details fields.

My product supports multiple languages and presents content based on the browser language setting. But when my customers go to submit an idea using the Aha! idea link in my product's UI the form is in English and if my language is Japanese the for...
Guest about 16 hours ago in Product 0

Allow adding date range field to the releases create record layout.

No description provided
Alejandro Saenz 1 day ago in Releases 0

Auto-hide completed to-dos within an activity

We have a bunch of to-dos that we track in an activity and it's cluttered. Would be nice if we could sort/filter to-dos that are complete/open
Alyssa Menke 1 day ago in To-dos 0

Integration re-sync

Two improvement proposals to the Sync function in Aha to resolve out-of-sync periods like the ones we have experienced: 1. Introduce a command similar to “Resend all fields” but instead of letting Aha overwrite Jira, the new commend should let Jir...
peter isacsson 2 days ago in  0