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Provide a warning explaining consequences when changing the workflow used in a workspace

When a user moves to a new workflow in a workspace or team, there can be a loss of data related to the statuses like cycle time, time in status, etc. I would like to understand these consequences before making the change so I am not surprised with...
Max Robbins about 1 hour ago in Wanted 0

Ability for attachment in scheduled report

I would love the ability to send a PDF attachment along with a regularly scheduled report. For more context, I'm asking PMs to fill out information in an idea that has 5 different scenarios of what to do. I have a guide with step by step instructi...
Julie Martin about 3 hours ago in Ideas portal 0

Turn to-do into new ticket

Users should be able to convert Aha ticket to-do's into new tickets so that they can save time creating new tickets. Sometimes devs record new work as to-do's on existing, in progress tickets. Sometimes this work becomes the size of a new ticket, ...
Mike Figueroa about 4 hours ago in Features 0

Count of items in the workflow board column

It would be great to have a count of the items in each column of the workflow board for Features, Epic, etc.. We use the workflow board as Kanban Board and the count would be great to manage the WIP limit.
Markus H about 5 hours ago in Workflow boards 0

Dashboards need a diet

There is a lot of whitespaces between panels or around charts in ideas. The pie chart is half-the possible size of the panel.
Guest about 24 hours ago in Ideas 0

Idea Dashboard filters need time

I would like to be able to have all panels on a dashboard to be able to provide ideas in the last 30 days, or last quarter, this week.
Guest about 24 hours ago in Ideas 0

Idea Categories need color capabilities

Guest about 24 hours ago in Ideas 0

Dashboard Panel that results in a simple number of ideas

We can chart a pie with a number, but I just want a count of ideas for a dashboard.
Guest about 24 hours ago in Ideas 0

Make "Initiative quarter" field available for filters and calculations in reports

Initiative quarter is already available for display in reports, but I can't filter or use it in calculation columns. I have to create my own custom field and create my own calculations from "Initiative end date" in order to use what is already ava...
Jor Bratko 1 day ago in Reports 0

Enable overlay of milestones on schedule or phase roll-up duration bars

It would be very useful to have the option to have milestones (all, or selected) displayed directly on the duration bar for a schedule or phase, instead of having them each take up a row beneath, the way activities do. This would make a schedule-l...
Guest 1 day ago in Schedules 0