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Add Usage & Access History for Reports & Roadmaps

Aha! contains some incredible reporting capabilities that allow anyone to quickly create and share reports associated with the development activities. This is incredibly convenient and helpful to share information in a transparent way and empower ...
Mark Slykhouse about 2 hours ago in Reports 0

Google analytics - Universal Analytics ending July 2023

Google will no longer support universal analytics, all of our analytics use GA4 and we won't be turning them back to UA, this means we can't use the analytics integration for roadmaps which looks really useful. Please can you support GA4
Mike Lowery about 2 hours ago in Google Analytics 0

Enhance Feature Gantt chart

While in Custom Roadmaps the ability to select different Aha! Fields on the chart helps to focus the used on the data they need. It would be great that on the Feature Gantt chart we had a similar functionality, currently only fixed can be shown or...
Guest about 3 hours ago in Features 0

Report on detailed estimate cost field

When creating a report the cost, hours and people fileds are greyed out. We need to reference these in reports.
Chris Brooks about 7 hours ago in Application 0

automatically refresh worksheet custom field

We have a custom worksheet field that holds the detailed estimate total cost, hours and people so we can create a field in a report which calculates a percentage of the cost. If we update the estimate, we have to refresh the worksheet field manual...
Chris Brooks about 7 hours ago in Capacity planning 0

Allow to-dos to be linked/mentioned in Notes

When creating notes, it would be great if I could tag/mention a to-do (e.g. #TO-DO-123) that links directly to the to-do.
David I. about 21 hours ago in To-dos 0 Future consideration

To-do filters and automatically have the to-do's move to the bottom as completed or vice versa.

Hello, My team would find it very useful to be able to organize to do's by completed easier. Also, a way to filter through the to do's without having to create a report. When they are so many to-do's per one requirement. Also, the to do due date t...
Madi R about 24 hours ago in To-dos 0

ability to filter to-do list report by To-Do record

Allows users to manage large cross-functional team tasks when you have to manage enterprise portfolios, programs, and products.
Guest 1 day ago in To-dos 0

ability to report on ALL To-Dos across record types

Ability to create a single report of ALL to-dos regardless of whether it is associated with a Note, Schedule, Schedule Phase, Schedule Milestone, Epic, Activity, Feature, Requirement, My Work, etc. Ability to filter To-dos by To-do Record.
Guest 1 day ago in To-dos 0

Add Ideas to Ideas Page

Please add an additional tab on the ideas_overivew page that allows me to see my ideas in a the list. I don't want to go to a report every time.
Frank S 1 day ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration