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Support live update for note views with embedded reports, embedded in a presentation

Currently, if I embed a report in a note, then add the note the presentation and set the view to stay updated live, the report does not render in the published webpage of the presentation. Instead, it shows as a link. It would be helpful to have t...
Mike Jacobson about 5 hours ago in  0 Future consideration

Show child initiatives nested under parent initiatives on the strategic roadmap

We have initiatives with child initiatives and those child initiatives contain releases, epics and features. The child initiatives are in a separate workspace line from the parent initiatives. The Strategy>Initiatives>Roadmap view works fine...
Dave Tucker about 5 hours ago in  0

Improve Report Scalability

I have a set of reports which all share the same columns and filters. The only difference in the reports is the content of the filters. I would like to be able to define a single report template that has the columns and filters defined. Then I wou...
Tim Johnston about 13 hours ago in Reports 0

Allow mapping to Asana multi select field type

Asana added a new multi select field type. It would be great if this was an option when mapping fields in the integration.More details on the field type:
Austin Merritt about 13 hours ago in  0 Future consideration

Support for Grammerly

The integration is partially there in Chrome in that it's able to make suggestions however when you click apply they don't actually get written.
Andrew Belo about 14 hours ago in Wanted 0

Color-coding on hierarchy report

I use the pivot report style often to present initiatives and their features, and just discovered the Hierarchy report. This is much more inline with what I'm doing, but can we get the same color-coding? This is a large part of why the pivot rep...
Kaitlyn Moore about 15 hours ago in Reports 0

Allow users to collapse Ideas Portal Introduction

One of our customers has suggested that the introduction to our Ideas portals (contained within the portal settings -> Overview Tab -> General section -> Subtitle field) be collapsible or otherwise be able to be hidden after the first vie...
Guest about 15 hours ago in User management 0

Show team status in Aha! mobile app

The Aha! mobile app shows only the workspace status – even for records created in a team. I want to see the team status as well.
Guest 1 day ago in  0

Customize navigation terminology separate from object terminology

We love the ability to customize object terminology in AHA. However, the navigation menu language follows this customization too closely, and we would love the ability to customize the navigation terminology separate and in parallel to the object...
Bastian Schoell 1 day ago in Account settings 0

Import transcribed audio recordings into empathy sessions

Part of our research ops process includes live, in-person, sessions with single and multiple users which we record and have transcribed. However, bringing those conversations into an Aha! Empathy Session is a BIG pain in that we have to copy/paste...
Andy Shaffer 1 day ago in Empathy sessions 0