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Ability to add screenshots to the In-App Feedback

Would love to be able to display a screenshot\image in the subtitle area of the In-App feedback. Example I was using an in app feedback on a page to highlight a new feature on the page. It would be helpful to be able to show a screenshot of t...
Guest 11 days ago in In-app feedback 0 Future consideration

Ability to manage Ideas portal applications

It would be nice to be able to manage ideas portal applications for the submission widgets.
Guest 18 days ago in In-app feedback / Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Allow polls to be designed in advance of starting the session

I have list of questions I want to poll customers about. I have added the text to my poll questions in the guide but cannot add them until I start it. Would like to be able to get these ready so when the session is started the poll questions wil...
Guest about 1 month ago in Empathy sessions 0 Future consideration

Allow for easier adding of contacts when not adding from an idea

I wanted to invite a group of customers I work with on a project to an empathy session. Inviting them one at a time is a tedious process. Would like to be able to paste a list of email addresses into the invite list.
Guest about 1 month ago in Empathy sessions 0 Future consideration

Collect feedback through in-app surveys

We would like to provide in app polls/surveys for ideas to help prioritize features we work on next. Background: We have a number of shortlisted roadmap items which we have developed business cases for. As one of the inputs to prioritizing these r...
Todd Meyer over 1 year ago in In-app feedback / Ideas 0 Future consideration

Empathy sessions: option to customize the "Title" in emails

Today, I can edit the "Subject" and "Introduction" of emails that are sent to contacts for an empathy session, which is useful for tailoring the message. It is not currently possible to edit the "Title", which can lead to a confusing message for m...
Dale Potter 5 months ago in Empathy sessions 1 Likely to implement

Add polls in advance for an empathy session

When preparing for an empathy session, I'd like to be able to create polls to ask the attendees and I'd like to be able to create these ahead of the session. Then, in the session I'd like to be able to select a pre-created poll to ask the audience.
Madeleine Black 12 months ago in Empathy sessions 0 Likely to implement

Screenshot in browser widget

Allow customers to upload screenshots of what they are looking at when they have feedback. Would also be cool if they could crop it with a selection.
Guest 12 months ago in In-app feedback 0 Likely to implement

Ability to integrate Empathy Sessions into existing customer community portals

When there is an existing and active customer community it can be the best location to engage the customers who would be great participants in an empathy session. Rather than sending a separate invite for them to attend an empathy session somewhe...
Bonnie Trei 4 months ago in Empathy sessions 0 Future consideration

Add ability to paste screen captures into the Support form

It'd be extremely useful if the Support form would let me paste screen captures into it rather than need to create a file from my screen capture, save it, and then upload it.
Sharon D 2 months ago in In-app feedback 0 Future consideration