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Status Future consideration
Categories Polls
Created by Debra Hunter
Created on Aug 1, 2023

Allow polls to show in app without clicking on the thumbs up /down button

We tried using the polls widget but did not get much engagement with the thumbs up/down button. It would be helpful if the poll showed on screen without having to take that action so that we can get more engagement with all users.

    Aug 2, 2023

    Thank you for reaching out!

    We recommend experimenting with various button positions and styles to see what drives the most engagement. For example, we have found that we get the best response to our own polls when we place the button in the side position and customize the text. You may also want to consider using a custom trigger to open the poll automatically after a user completes an action in your application.

    We will consider adding a new option to automatically open the widget and we will track this idea for additional customer feedback.

    Example of a poll in the side position with custom text

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