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Allow conversion of Epic to Feature when the Epic contains features

When an Epic has no child features, you can convert it to a Feature. When an Epic has child features, today you cannot convert it to Feature. It would be a smoother workflow to allow Epics with child features to be converted to a Feature
Emily Yankush 4 days ago in Epic 0 Future consideration

Tags syncronised in DevOps integration should be case sensitive

It seems to be the case that when tags are synchronised between Aha and Azure Devops, the tag is not case sensitive, so you can end up with 'different' tags which are actually the same but one is always all upper case. This causes problems with fi...
Tom Wilsher about 6 hours ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 0

Why are you showing me my own comments as unread notifications?

How can they be unread if I've made them? Is this a bug?
Guest 1 day ago in Comments / Notifications 0

Email creator from idea

We often need to ask clarifying questions before making an idea public. For example, we might not understand their request or there might be a software defect that we need to troubleshoot. I don't want to discuss this publicly, so using public com...
Teresa Bever 13 days ago in Ideas 1 Future consideration

Allow for a worksheet to reference the created date of custom table records

A worksheet can currently reference custom date fields in a custom table. However, there isn't an option to reference the created data for the custom table records/rows. It would be helpful to reference this in worksheets (e.g. situations where fi...
Craig Pflumm 6 days ago in  0 Future consideration

Add ability to reference 'Created by email domain' in worksheet fields for ideas

It would be helpful to include the 'Created by email domain' in worksheet equations so that we could evaluate if an idea was created by an internal or external domain.
Kristina Gass 5 days ago in Ideas 0 Unlikely to implement

Aha! Develop - support paid seat groups

Paid seat groups are useful for managing the assignment of seats to Roadmaps users. It would be great if this could be extended to support the assignment of Develop seats as well.
Dale Potter 19 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Hide the title on shared webpages

I often embed Aha shared webpages in Confluence and Notion. These apps require me to give a name to the page which is often the same as the name I give to the note or roadmap that I embed in the page. This results in the same name appearing on the...
Heather Phagan 4 days ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Allow Idea viewer to update proxy votes (not raised by you)

As it currently stands Idea viewers are not able to update votes, which were not raised by them. There are multiple reasons why the viewer may want to update existing votes: 1) reflect the latest severity / impact (e.g. downgrade / upgrade) 2) mod...
Ros Bayev 4 days ago in Voting 0 Future consideration

Disable idea email notifications by status

We archive ideas that are over a year old and have not received any votes to simplify our internal research. In most cases, these Ideas are already marked Will Not Do, so our customers don't need another notification that we're still not doing it....
Lee Jacobs 4 days ago in Ideas portal 2 Already exists