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Ability to template to-dos

To-dos assign work to other people (or with work requests, other workspaces), ranging from minor tasks to workflow approvals. To drive consistent workflows, it would be great to be able to create templates for to-dos, much like we can for initiati...
Erik Johnson 2 days ago in To-dos 0 Future consideration

Show all related entities in roll-up entities for quicker overview

Hello, simple case, on a workspace "line" with nested "lines" and "workspace" we have goals, initiatives and those have nested goals, initiatives and those have nested goals, initiatives. All initiatives and goals on workspace level can have ...
Daniel Pokrývka 1 day ago in Application 0 Future consideration

Ability to report on work request status by workspace or team

When creating a report of work requests, I want to see the status (approved or rejected) for each individual workspace. Today, all workspaces appears on one line and show a status of 'pending' until all of the work requests are approved or rejected.
Shannon Sauvé 10 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Organizational roles for users

In addition to user roles for permissions within Aha, it would be great if each user could also have a role within the organization of the workspace lists/workspaces. For example, our initiatives each of a senior leader. If we add a custom user fi...
Guest 4 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Allow for the REST API to associate an idea vote to an organization

The REST API allows the ability to create ideas, votes, and organizations. However, it's not currently possible to associate a vote with an organization via the API.It would be helpful to associate an organization to an idea vote/endorsement via t...
Guest 4 days ago in  0 Future consideration

Add support for work requests within Automations

Work requests are a great way for us to request work from multiple product teams that might play a role in our launches.There currently isn't a way to include work requests in automation rules. There are a couple use case we would need:1) Ability ...
Mark Eaves 8 days ago in Application 0 Planning to implement
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Set a default progress calculation

Challenge: Currently, the progress field is automatically set to calculate manually when added to a custom layout. This causes manual work if I want all my records to be calculated based on a different option.Desired experience: I would like to be...
Julie Price 10 months ago in Features 25 Future consideration

Simplify to-do deletion process

It's a lot of steps to delete a to-do:Expand the To-doOpen the overflow menuSelect "Delete"Confirm in the pop-upThis is a click-heavy workflow for a task that requires double (or triple) confirmation: the delete button is not in an easily accessib...
Harrison Hopkins 2 days ago in To-dos 0 Future consideration

Set the order of how Initiatives and Features are shown in Pivot Roadmap

Hi, it would be really nice to be able to set the order or how Initiatives and Features are shown in the Pivot table view of a roadmap. When presenting a roadmap I often need to talk about items in a certain "order" based on the group that is pres...
Guest 2 days ago in Roadmaps 0

Why a Release created from "User Story Map" directly going into Mainline on the "Feature -> Board" page.

When a user creates a "Release" from "User Story Map", the created "Release" will go at the left side (mainline) on "Feature -> Board" page (not in Parking Lot). While creating a Release user should have an option to select where he/she wants t...
Guest 2 days ago in User story map 0 Future consideration