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Change revision history descriptors for text field updates

It seems that some fields when updated via integration show a descriptor as XYZ changed integration link for Capability..123". This can be found in some values fields. Other fields like description simply state " XYZ updated the capability 123". T...
Karla Johnson 15 days ago in Rally 1

Add ability to sort Ascending/Descending on all column headers

From the Administrative view, please add the ability to sort by all column headers in all views where possible. There are already some sortable columns configured such as the one on the Users table for the Name, Email Administrator, and Paid Seat ...
David Willequer about 12 hours ago in Application 0

Prioritization views: enable multi-select to drag and drop multiple records for prioritization

Today I can either drag and drop individual records or move ALL records. It would be great if I could select multiple records and then drag the selected records into the prioritization section.
Dale Potter about 14 hours ago in  0 Future consideration

Automation Rule for creation of stories under the manually created Aha Epic

Hi Team, My ask is once we are creating the epic manually in Aha . do we have any automatic function or option to create a single story along with Epic or do we have any predefined template for the automatic store’s creation in Aha? Thanks & R...
Guest about 19 hours ago in Epic 0

To-Do due date to count Weekdays

Currently To-do's are counting weekend days also and sometimes making a due date during the weekend. This is causing staff to think they are expected to come in and work items on weekends. It is also difficult to get an accurate due date when we d...
Ray Devenney about 22 hours ago in To-dos 0

Prioritisation view - Support Advanced Filters

When using the new prioritisation feature, I cannot easily source my lists to prioritise, as the filter feature doesn't support advanced filter types.
Guest 1 day ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Where did the feature list view go?

why was that removed? It was the most efficient way to do bulk updates.
Guest 1 day ago in Features 0

Don't open a window unless you are logged in

This is a chronic problem and others have complained about it as well. Here are two examples - I am in my feature board. I just looked at a feature. Then I click on ADD RELEASE - I add in the information and then Aha! callously says "You are logge...
Tom C 1 day ago in Workflow boards 0

Feature Prioritization: Send global rank to Jira

I would like to be able to send the new global rank to Jira.
Simone Bilton 13 days ago in Features 2 Likely to implement

Synchronize Ranking from new Prioritization view to other Aha! areas

I’m just playing around with the new prioritization list for Features and Epics ( ) and I wondered: if the rank changes in that list due to ...
Stephanie Redl 9 days ago in Features 3 Future consideration