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Show capacity allocated for a team in the capacity report for an Epic even if the dates in Epic don't include the month the capacity is entered for

Need to be able to see that a team has a capacity estimate entered in a scenario capacity plan against every Epic that has capacity entered for that team for the month using the capacity report by team, even if the Epic dates do not line up with ...
Diane Landante 2 days ago in Capacity planning 0

Share all notes in a hierarchy

It would be great to be able to share a link to a note, and users would be able to drill down into all notes in the hierarchy of that parent note. This way we could create a hierarchy of project documentation, and only share one link out to revie...
Greg Wissler about 23 hours ago in Notes 0

Create to-do items inline in a note

I want to be able to create to-do items within a note, and have it then mirrored and collated in the to-do module below.Feels like the to-do module is a bolt-on and I have to go out of my way to use it, which is sad because the reminder system &am...
Guest 2 days ago in Notes 0

Bulk copy and move notes while maintaining hierarchy

As a manager I would like to be able to create a notes hierarchy of project documentation, so that my team can copy the hierarchy and move it to their workspace. The business value is that we have standardized our project artifact structure, and ...
Greg Wissler 3 days ago in Notes 0

Enable a way to incrementally number items in a list report

I often find myself taking data out of Aha! and putting it into another tool simply to number things. I know we can pull in the Aha! record ID, but sometimes folks just need to see a numbered list.For example, I'd love to be able to pull a list re...
Guest 2 days ago in Reports 0

Allow resizing of "group bars by" data field columns in custom roadmap

The left columns (group bars by fields) in the custom roadmap work and look identical to pivot reports. In pivot reports, the wrap text view option allows resizing of those columns, but this is not an option for roadmaps. It would be useful becau...
Bastian Schoell 2 days ago in Roadmaps 0

Archiving Custom Table Data

My organization is operating within the SAFe framework and currently using Custom Table to track and report on our progress towards PI Objectives. We also align features/epics to these PI objectives, and as time goes on, this list gets really larg...
Adam Newkirk 2 days ago in Application 0

Make Develop Planning Poker extension work better for video grooming sessions

First, I know that this extension is a good example for you to use for teaching people how to change/develop them, but I strongly recommend adding a few larger numbers to the current list that ends in 8. I think that’s too small for anybody, and t...
Guest 2 days ago in Extensions 0

Variable Team capacity setting with custom time period

Why: This would allow variable team capacity per month/week etc. With current state of capacity setting, teams cannot account for changes in resources for partial project spans, member additions, losses, changes etc. This makes this feature less v...
Karla Johnson 4 days ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Remember sort order for Roadmaps > Overview

The Roadmaps > Overview makes it easy for us to favourite reports and organize them into folders. It would be awesome if the sort order was remembered per user when they return back to the page later or refresh the screen. Currently the Featur...
Shawn Zenz 4 days ago in Roadmaps 0