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roll-up requirement estimates to the feature level for the board

as a VP, when I present epics/features to Csuite on what we are planing for each iteration, we need a summary of those estimates and this is very manual right now for the product leads.
Maryanne Miller about 17 hours ago in Features 0

Tree/Hierarchy Report

Can a new report be added to Roadmaps -> Reports that will enable business and developers alike view (on a per release or initiative level) the hierarchy of cards (features, requirements, tasks) that are and how they are related? We all are awa...
Todd Materazzi about 18 hours ago in Reports 0

Ability to deploy in-app notifications and guided tours when new features are released or other announcements are required.

When I log into Aha! I often see pop-ups informing me of new or pending features, upcoming webinars, etc. I’ve seen several providers who specialize in in-app notifications, guided tours, etc. (Pendo, Intercom, etc.) It would be nice to be able to...
David Barber about 22 hours ago in Product 0

Ability to bulk edit ideas or features on a whiteboard

It would be great to select some shapes (linked to ideas) on a whiteboard and make changes to a field. In a similar way that you can with Miro or Lucid's Jira integrations
Geoff Bullen 2 days ago in Whiteboards 0 Future consideration

Provide the ability to choose where custom tables are displayed in the navigation

The navigation change implemented on 03/13/23 resulted in users having to access custom tables via the workspace settings. It would be great if we had the ability to move this back to the previous location of the Notebook tab (previously 'info').
Niall Gallagher 12 days ago in Account settings 1 Future consideration

fix intermittent bugs in how arrow keys work in epic description

When editing a capability description in Aha (such as (our capabilities might be your epics), using left and right arrow keys moves the curs...
Guest 3 days ago in Epic 0

Aha Develop: Expose Prioritized Backlog status in record properties and history

We use the Prioritized Backlog as part of our workflow in Aha Develop, records going from parking lots ("Engineering Work") or Roadmaps ("Product Work") into the Prioritized Backlog as they are refined and become ready.It would be really helpful i...
Guest about 1 month ago in Features 1 Planning to implement

Be able to rerank features on features board by prioritization rank

Currently I can set a rank for a feature from the features prioritization page and add this as a custom numbers field on the feature. However, I cannot re-order features on the features board and affect their feature rank on the features board. If...
Max Robbins 12 days ago in Features 0 Likely to implement

Ability to import and bulk edit delivery risk data

We are working on standardisation of processes and would like the option to use the new delivery risks feature in Aha! The ability to export existing data and import it to the delivery risk text field (and set the risk toggle to true/false at the ...
Steve Dagless 6 days ago in Account settings 0 Planning to implement

Create new idea in Firefox fails

Create new idea in Firefox fails but succeed in Safari or Chrome. The place it gets stuck is attribute "Customer tag" is a mandatory field but it never picks up a valid customer and throws error
Guest 4 days ago in Ideas 0