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Status Future consideration
Categories Ideas research
Created by Ann Wuyts
Created on Feb 6, 2024

AI Idea Insights - Exploration at Organization level

Who would benefit?

Product Managers and Customer Success Managers wanting more insight into a customers' asks, or when preparing for a customer call.

What impact would it make?

It would allow PMs to have a quick overview of what is 'top of mind' for an organization they will engage with. This will help them be more prepared for questions and conversations outside of their scope, and they will be able to frame the customer's feedback in the larger picture.

A Customer Success Manager when actively discussing a customer's ideas will have a better idea on how to structure these conversations, and which main topics/themes are of importance.

How should it work?

From the organization page, allow for an 'Explore ideas' option. We teach our PMs, CSMs and other GTM employees to use the organization pages in Aha! as part of preparation.

It would be harder to ask them to go to 'Explore Ideas' and then filter down by Organization.

Possible filters:

  • Workspace

  • Status

  • Categories

  • Organization activity within the last [month, quarter, year, 2 years, ..] --> Activity is submitted, endorsed (inc. proxy votes) or comments. Allows to identify new 'trends'

  • Attach files