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Allow responses to Ideas in a portal to come from a team, rather than a named individual

Allow the option to hide the name of an inddividual and replace it with a team oor company name
Keith Mantell 5 days ago in Ideas portal 1 Future consideration

Customize view in user story map

Whilst an individual may respond to an idea, they are really a representative of their company or a particular team. Some may prefer not to be individually identified ion a public portal. Hence the ability to replace an individuals name with that...
Keith Mantell 2 months ago in Ideas portal 2 Future consideration

Configure location of pinned ideas

Pinned ideas are an excellent way to bring attention to ideas we'd like to quickly get some feedback on.While being positioned at the top of the ideas list is great for drawing attention, this realestate in the portal is pretty valuable to us. We...
Shawn Zenz 25 days ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Spam filter doesn't work

Our ideas portal is hit by spam several times per day and it is not automatically filtered. This is the same type of spam from the same user (Atlas Industries) that I manually mark as spam. Please help!
Guest 13 days ago in Ideas portal 1 Already exists

Users to see their own idea regardless of visibility setting

We have configured our ideas so that when an idea is submitted, it is not published in the Ideas Portal until it has been reviewed (and idea status changed). However this is confusing users as they want to be able to see their own ideas immediate...
Julie Edwards 7 months ago in Ideas portal 2 Future consideration

Add organization and contact into proxy vote from Zendesk

When using the zendesk integration to submit ideas into Aha, the integration creates a proxy vote correctly using the Zendesk filer's email address. But the integration does not populate the organization and comments. This forces us to go back to ...
Shri Iyer about 1 year ago in Voting 1 Future consideration
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Filter by custom fields in ideas portal

Idea Categories allow for a single choice in the ideas portal. But we need the ability to filter on two dimensions, for example by Category (reports, search tool, map, etc) and then by a Vertical custom field.
Chris Waters almost 6 years ago in Ideas portal 18 Future consideration

Disable votes on portal

Hi guys,I would like to disable votes on an ideas portal. Why? So as to freeze the score. People were given 3 weeks to vote, and I now need to move on to finishing to rate each suggestion. I can still export the votes and import them in a custom f...
Benoit WAMBERGUE over 1 year ago in Voting 3 Future consideration

Ideas portal: remove Aha branding when "something went wrong"

TL;DR: if an ideas site has a custom logo, please make the error page as generic as possible with no Aha branding. Bonus points: use our logo for the error page, but don't ask people to contact us!Details: our various Aha-powered Ideas portals wer...
Brian Trombley 2 months ago in Branding 0 Likely to implement

Include the idea comment in the email notification to the idea creator

Add the option to include the comment made by another user in the email notification to the idea creator. Currently there are only options to include the Commenter Name, Idea Reference, and Idea Name. Our users would like to eliminate the need to ...
Doug Shum about 1 month ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration