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Use feature timestamp to improve capacity planning reporting

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Guest about 10 hours ago in Capacity planning 1

Update Demand/Capacity Terminology to eliminate confusion

Currently, throughout Aha! and in the documentation the term Capacity is used loosely to imply both Capacity or Demand. This is creating confusion amongst our users and we request that Aha! clarifies the terminology to distinguish between demand a...
Karla Johnson 9 days ago in Capacity planning / Account settings 0 Future consideration

Report on available team capacity in list/pivot report

The Capacity report for teams provides the ability to see the available capacity per team per time period by hovering each cell/It would be helpful to be able to include the available capacity per team in a list/pivot report. This would provide th...
Craig Pflumm 28 days ago in Capacity planning 1 Future consideration
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Add Capacity Planning to Master Release

Ability to define capacity at a master release level to allow capacity planning for teams working across products within a release cycle.
Danny Archer over 6 years ago in Capacity planning 4 Future consideration

Capacity for teams: Estimate in story points

This idea is to update capacity for teams to support the ability to estimate in story points. You are currently only able to estimate in hours, people, or cost.
Nathaniel Collum about 1 year ago in Capacity planning / Features 5 Likely to implement

Allow capacity report to be configured using story points

We are a mature Agile team that uses story points exclusively to estimate the work done in each sprint. The new capacity report feature rollout is excellent, but it does not allow for story points to be used as the method of estimation for a spri...
Guest over 1 year ago in Capacity planning / Reports 14 Planning to implement

Capacity planning for teams: Set detailed estimates for team members

I want the ability to set detailed estimates for specific people on a team. Additionally, I want the ability to log time individually for each person.
Guest about 1 year ago in Capacity planning / Features 3 Future consideration

Set capacity per team per release

Capacity for teams is currently available to set up at a 'global' level - number of hours per day per week.It would be helpful for teams that are planning releases with multiple teams, to be able to set a capacity for each team per release. Once t...
Madeleine Black about 1 year ago in Capacity planning / Releases 2 Likely to implement

Link a scorecard to a custom field

Hello, in my company we have several development teams working on the same product. Therefore we create a custom scorecard to be able to have an estimate for each team involved in each feature. We also have a custom field with the teams involved i...
Guest almost 4 years ago in Capacity planning / Features 0 Future consideration

Capacity for teams: Estimate in skills

Capacity for teams currently allows you to create teams and add detailed estimates to records. However, we have a challenge with the way a team's capacity is calculated. We have cross-functional teams, which include people in product management, Q...
Nathaniel Collum about 1 year ago in Capacity planning / Features 2 Future consideration