Allow a product manager to create multiple scenarios of product roadmap to help decision process of what to build when as priorities change

Despite best laid plans a product manager is often challenged by changing priorities that demand scenario planning to create what-if scenarios before deciding which plan is the most optimal.  Today, we export the current roadmap to Excel for manipulation and then later update AHA.  It would be desirable to do all this what-if scenario planning entirely in AHA.

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  • Jan 8 2018
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  • Michael Aoki commented
    January 17, 2018 20:55

    I was a little disappointed that with all the wonderful tooling, that I was not able to test out scenarios.

  • Guest commented
    January 27, 2018 00:03

    This is an amazing idea.  My CEO recently asked me to show a roadmap for scenario A and another one for scenario B.  We have a big decision to make that will potentially impact our entire roadmap and I've been struggling to use Aha for this.

    I tried getting clever with tags, tried creating new product lines, but every way I tried was clunky, time consuming, and didn't have great polish to share with a CEO.

    Forking an existing roadmap into scenario planning would be amazing.

  • Paul Hammant commented
    February 10, 2018 14:19

    I'd like "What If" scenarios too. I've been years looking for such a planning tool - Paul H

  • Carolynn Hunter commented
    October 02, 2018 19:44

    Hello A-ha team. Just wondering if you have an ETA for when this feature might be implemented? This feature would be a valuable asset for our organization.

  • Chris Stocker commented
    October 06, 2018 23:43

    In Addition to this, when two companies Merge you need to have two versions of the roadmap for some time until the merger completes and this will be useful for creating specific roadmap for Customer Type A and Customer Type B

  • Matthew Lynn commented
    November 01, 2018 22:16

    My use case for this would be: examine what happens to road map under different resourcing scenarios. 

  • Justin Makeig commented
    December 17, 2018 22:51

    One way that we’d like to do what-if analysis is by changing the scoring weights. What if we really wanted to double down on “Ease of Use”? How would that change the scores? What are the key differences? Does that allow different resource usage/timing? What’s the tradeoff?

  • Debbie Levitt commented
    01 Feb 11:38

    I need this too. I had tried out Portfolio for JIRA and rejected it for heaps of reasons. But liked that I could create different outcomes with different teams, priorities, roadmaps, etc. I need this right now where I'm working because stakeholders have dreams that are larger than staffing. I'd like to play out a scenario and show them how many teams we'd need to build X in Y amount of time. Thank you.

  • Patrick Taylor commented
    02 Oct 09:52

    We do our scenario's outside of Aha, unfortunately. Snapshot's in presentation mode doesn't cut it - so having the ability to almost create a ghost planning board that can have snapshots taken and then compared to actuals would be great.