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Created on Oct 13, 2015

On our way to Initiative Roadmap Nirvana - Priority 1 of 3 - New Ordering / Grouping Options

First, we LOVE the new Strategy / Roadmap option.

Our company maps features to epics, and requirements to user stories, so initiatives are exactly the level of detail we want to use to communicate with our executives, and also to communicate to the company as a whole.  And the gantt chart format is also exactly what we're looking for.

Our plan is to use the initiative road map to communicate with executives, and get buy-in on priorities - and shift priorities as needed.

To this end, we are asking for three new capabilities (in order of our priorities):

1.  New Ordering Options
2.  The ability to drop a pin, and add text to the roadmap
3.  The ability to visually see the size (in story points or time) of each initiative on the roadmap

I'm creating 3 ideas; this is the first of three.

New Ordering Options


We would like the ability to create a large roadmap with initiatives that cross goals and cross teams.
It may be helpful at times to group the initiatives by the goal they support, or possibly by the product.

More flexibility in ordering and grouping initiatives will make it easier to communicate product vision to executives and the company as a whole.


Product Managers, Executives, Sales


The most simplistic and most flexible option would be to provide the ability to drag and drop initiatives into any order needed.

You could provide some default options to order by goal, but I think there would always be cases where we'd want to make some tweaks to the order of the initiatives, and re-ordering them manually works for us!


    Apr 9, 2020

    Now you can customize the order of initiatives on the strategy roadmap. Just drag and drop initiatives into the order you need. Check out the blog post for more details.

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  • Guest
    Mar 12, 2018

    I would also like to add that I want the goal end dates to show as colored vertical lines on the roadmap so I can see if I am making them.

  • Victor Ortiz
    Oct 28, 2015

    Hi, I would also like this option.  I'm starting my roadmap beginning with Initiatives and will flesh out strategy, goals, releases and features later.  So having a way to view the roadmap easily by initiatives would be awesome.   BTW, in my case I map the Initiatives to Epics.

    So ideally I want to see:

    Product Lines -> Products -> Initiatives

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