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Created on Feb 19, 2016

Allow creation of multiple variations of a roadmap

We need to have a view of an "approved" roadmap but also have the ability for various product managers to be able to use the tool to create alternative versions/proposals for the future.

This will allow product managers to move features across releases and quickly put together and pitch their ideas using the board. At the same time the "approved' roadmap remains intact for work to continue.

    Feb 19, 2016

    One potential workaround would be to leverage Notebooks in creating and tracking multiple variations of a roadmap.

    You could add your "approved roadmap" to a notebook. For this roadmap, you can set the the "refresh" setting as "Use snapshot." This would take a static snapshot of the roadmap and allow various product managers to continue to work on the roadmap and make changes. They would also be able to save their variations to a notebook (with a snapshot view).

    This would allow you to create and compare roadmap variations.

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  • Guest
    Mar 5, 2021

    I have a similar need. It would be great to enter a roadmap in "whiteboarding mode" to play around with dates, dependencies, goals, without affecting the "real" roadmap / themes / etc. And then to be able to maintain 2-3 alternates in draft mode, then select one to be promoted to the "real" roadmap once a decision is made.

  • Guest
    Feb 19, 2016

    Hi and thank you for your response.

    Notebooks could be used as you suggested, but every time I create a variation of the roadmap and capture it in a notebook I would have to restore the official roadmap to its original state afterwards. That can become problematic with large roadmaps or when multiple product managers are working concurrently or over time.


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