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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Strategy
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 19, 2017

Enhance Initiatives Roadmap Functionality

As a Product Manager, I want the ability to show stakeholders a more robust roadmap so that I can show project plans at the epic/initiative level. Currently, this level of detail exists at the release level however, initiatives/epics often span releases and creating a release per initiative does not reflect the real world. I'd like to be able to create and display phases and milestones per initiative on the Strategy/Roadmap page.

    Feb 4, 2017

    Thank you for the note. You may be able to create this visualization from our recently launched Starter roadmap. 

    Via the Use existing tab, you can specify the specific initiatives, releases, phases and milestones you would like to show.

    At this time, we do not have plans to make updates to the Initiatives Roadmap in this area, however, we hope that you may be able to recreate a similar visualization through the Starter roadmap.

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