Integrate with ClickUp

Allow users to push information from Aha! into ClickUp and vice versa. A product roadmap/plan from Aha! could ideally be plugged directly into tasks in ClickUp. 

A project manager would then create their roadmaps in Aha! while the team works in the project management tool. 

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  • Jul 24 2017
  • Unlikely to implement
Release time frame
  • Dec 13, 2018

    Admin Response

    Thank you for the request. You should know that the Aha! REST API is available and this is actually what we leverage when building in-house integrations.

    At this time, we do not have near-term plans to build this specific integration based on current priorities and historical feedback. However, we would encourage you to use the API to build a custom application for your organization's use.

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  • Dustin Downing commented
    July 25, 2017 00:27

    I love to plan and stay organized with both these softwares it would be great if there was a way for me to push my product roadmap into to clickUp automatically!

  • Kat Fotheringham commented
    June 04, 2018 14:08

    Any details on when this could be implemented? Thanks!

  • Zachary Martin commented
    December 13, 2018 06:33

    I would love to see this!

  • D S commented
    December 13, 2018 14:54

    Two of my favorite tools together would be great!

  • A Bp commented
    18 Jun 05:36

    Sad to see this is not planned and Clickup is one of the better solutions out there that allows a team to manage EVERYTHING, not just development.  With CRM limited to Salesforce and no HubSpot or other less expensive solutions, and given Aha's already high price point, it is harder for smaller teams to adopt on the one hand, and no the other if you continue to integrate with only dev tools like Jira, Pivotal Tracker, and not more organization-wide tools (with the exception of Asana which is not dated itself and losing ground to the likes of Clickup, Hive, etc.) you will not take be part of a team's solution to limit tools.  I think a big trend right now is for teams to look to use fewer, and not more, tools - see Notion, Coda, Clickup itself, etc.  You guys are a niche product but have elements that make you wider-reaching, like notes, mockups, etc.  But at your price point, and without some more basic task-tracking, IMHO you will remain more on an island while other tools like these will pick up users such as myself, CEO at a web-startup, who does not want to use 5 - 6 non-integrated tools, when other providers are building all-in-one solutions.


    Really hope you guys will reconsider, thanks for the time!

  • A Bp commented
    22 Jun 22:50

    Hey sorry just wanted to follow up, I have been exploring some integrators like and workato to try to get an integration with you guys, but Clickup does not have a REST API right now, so unless you guys moved this forward, there is no way to get this achieved on one's own.  Real shame you don't want to pursue this as Clickup has really come on strong due to some innovative approaches vs. Asana, or even Wrike which I would use maybe as an alternative, but in fact only because you guys are planning that integration:

    I am currently at a conundrum with what to do with my task tracking complimentary app, as I am really eager to onboard into Aha, but I need to integrate with another solution!  The apps you guys have chosen so far, including Jira, Pivotal, Fogbugz on the issue tracker side, are very much enterprise/large company focused, even Asana I'd say given its time in the market and the fact that larger organizations use it.  I would hope at Aha you guys may also want to pick up start-ups as a growing segment, since you are clearly strong on the enteprise end already and I'm guessing this is the reason you have chosen these apps to integrate with, and not the likes of Clubhouse, hive, Clickup which are newer and gaining ground with smaller operations.

    Thanks guys for listening!