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Status Unlikely to implement
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Created by Guest
Created on Jan 4, 2023

Provide the ability to dynamically drill down into a initiative to show the features when sharing a roadmap as a webpage

We are trying to use our roadmaps to communicate upcoming work to the rest of our organization. We are developing our strategic roadmaps in Aha and sharing them in confluence as webpages. Many of our users want to track feature within our initiatives since they may have been added at their request. Allowing them to expand an initiative to see the features within will help with communication.

    Mar 15, 2023

    Thanks for the idea.

    Currently, shared webpages display views as they were saved. This means that records are not expandable – to prevent a user from sharing a high-level view without knowing that someone looking at the shared page can expand records to see more details.

    Given this, we are unlikely to make changes in this area. We hope you can understand.

    If you would like your stakeholders to be able to view the features within an initiative, you can expand the initiative in Aha!, save it, and they will be visible on your shared webpage.

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