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Status Future consideration
Categories Jira
Created by Amelia Peklar
Created on Aug 16, 2023

Support of Embedding of Ideas in Confluence

As a user, I want to embed ideas within Confluence so the idea status is automatically updated as the feature is being developed. My use case is as follows:

A customer I am working with ran into a weird edge case. I document the workaround in Confluence and I created an Idea to capture the request. I create a link within Confluence to the idea.

Now a year later, maybe the product team has solved this issue. If someone goes into Confluence to figure out how to implement something, Confluence and they find the Confluence page I created, they will likely read through and implement the workaround if there’s nothing on that page signaling to them that the original issue is resolved and the workaround isn’t necessary anymore.

An Aha idea integration should have the status of the idea and would update automatically on the confluence page. If it’s just a roadmap integration it’s much less likely the SE or TSM will go into Aha and look for the specific idea to see if the status changed.

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