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Status Future consideration
Categories Salesforce
Created by Erick Crowell
Created on Oct 19, 2016

Import Name, Status and Date of release associated with Feature / Idea in Salesforce Integration

 Currently, users of the Salesforce <> Aha! integration can create / link 'Aha! Ideas' to 'Salesforce Opportunities'.  Further those 'Aha! ideas' can be promoted to / linked with 'Aha! Features'.

 As a user of the Salesforce <> Aha! integration, when an Idea is promoted / linked to an Feature, I want the 'Name', 'Status', and 'Date' of the Release associated with the linked Feature, to appear in Salesforce, so that I can better report to customers when it will be available. 

 Acceptance Criteria:

  • Data is fetched when Ideas are linked / promoted to features.
  • Release Name, Release Status, and External Release Dates are imported with the Idea information in Salesforce.
  • Release data is added to existing reports in Salesforce where Idea information is currently displayed, when available.
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  • I R
    Apr 29, 2022

    +1 would really like more native integration functionality between Aha! Roadmaps and Salesforce. Essential for our support operations to be able to keep abreast of issue progress related to cases they are managing.