Import Name, Status and Date of release associated with Feature / Idea in Salesforce Integration

 Currently, users of the Salesforce <> Aha! integration can create / link 'Aha! Ideas' to 'Salesforce Opportunities'.  Further those 'Aha! ideas' can be promoted to / linked with 'Aha! Features'.

 As a user of the Salesforce <> Aha! integration, when an Idea is promoted / linked to an Feature, I want the 'Name', 'Status', and 'Date' of the Release associated with the linked Feature, to appear in Salesforce, so that I can better report to customers when it will be available. 

 Acceptance Criteria:

  • Data is fetched when Ideas are linked / promoted to features.
  • Release Name, Release Status, and External Release Dates are imported with the Idea information in Salesforce.
  • Release data is added to existing reports in Salesforce where Idea information is currently displayed, when available.
  • Erick Crowell
  • Oct 19 2016
  • Future consideration
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