View information from the Idea and the Feature at the same time

We need a way to either:
1) have custom fields entered on ideas, automatically copied over to features when promoted.
2) Create a view/ report that show the information from both the feature and the linked idea?

Our use case is that we are using AHA to track "custom" features for customers. The customers name and other aspected of the request are being entered as an idea through the portal, but once converted to a feature, there is no easy way to view this information.

  • Gord McNeill
  • Apr 13 2015
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    Chris Waters commented
    April 13, 2015 19:05

    Custom fields that are entered with ideas are transferred to a feature when you promote the idea to the feature. The transfer only happens if there is a matching custom field on the field: it must be the same type and have the same "Key" value.

  • Gord McNeill commented
    April 13, 2015 19:24

     Great -  I tried this and it worked for everything except idea categories.   Is there a way to copy the idea category to the feature?

  • Gord McNeill commented
    April 13, 2015 19:26

    Also,  I think having the ability to create a view of the information from both object types would still be a great enhancement, less configuration work and less work to keep everything synched up.

  • Jeremy Naiden commented
    April 29, 2015 14:56

    I agree.  This would be helpful to me because it would also highlight which ideas haven't been promoted to features and which have.  The ideas portal was a major selling point to us and having it as tightly linked with features (including comments), is huge for us.

  • Jeremy Naiden commented
    May 14, 2015 13:29

    Hi Chris,

    I get what you're saying - the challenge is that it is only a single event where this exchange happens between ideas and features.  In our experience, it is natural for an idea to be created and have some chatter follow, including callouts and to-dos created during this chatter.  Somewhere along the way, the idea is often promoted to a feature - now there are two places for comments, status, callouts, to-dos, custom fields, etc.  In our case, we're specifically longing for tighter integration between the idea and feature comments and status (which would require mapping, I know).  



    Our temporary workaround was to enable the "feature" column in the Ideas --> List screen.  This has helped to give us a nice dashboard within ideas so we can quickly identify and pull up any features that have resulted from a promoted idea.  Hope this helps you.

  • Gord McNeill commented
    June 25, 2015 21:58

    Jeremy, I just saw your comment.  That definitely helps.  It would be great if that worked the other way as well.  Being able to see the idea (or ideas, as one day i hope to be able to map multiple ideas to a feature) from the Features list