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Variants / sandbox view for any product Merged

The ability to create a variant of a product and see the variants at product and product line levels. Also the ability to show or hide these variants to other users.


We have experienced some large scale reprioritisation activities across all our products this year. We had to create brand new products to see these views which requires a lot of work. It also makes your product line view inaccurate.

For example:

Create a 'Variant A' version of Fredwin Cycling that copies the live product and allows you to manipulate any aspects of it without affecting the live product.

As soon as a variant is created at Fredwin Cycling (product level) it could be seen at product line e.g. Fredwin Software Variant A would show the releases, features, portfolio view etc of all Variant A activities across that product line.

  • Dave Archbold
  • May 16 2018
  • Future consideration
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