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Created on Jul 6, 2022

Product Modelling based on Capabilities

Besides the ideas, features and epics management with aha, i would propose to add a functionality to "modell your product" - with that i mean a graphical modeller to structure the main functional and technical building blocks of my product.

This is a kind of Enterprise Architecture practice with aha - but when building software its important to keep an eye on capabilitiy management.

there are 2 types of capabilities,

market / business capabilities - these are those that are seen in a domain

product capabilities this is the "overlay" of the product capabilities in alignment with the business capabilities....

features are on lower level always connected ( relaated) to 1 or more capabilities... with such "strucutre" it would be possible to do a better portfolio and investment management to decide if a dedicated feature would strengthen an existing capability of the product or extend the product to support a new business capability...

for sure some visuals like heatmaps and overlays would be great to see over time witht the roadmap how the capabilities get more majure and how the investments pay off ...

finally usage data of my product should be matched with the "capability modell" to track of my customers use the capabilities or how they use it.... answerting the question are we putting the focus ... or are we investing into the wrong direction...

for reference see here a capability map:

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  • Ralf Vath
    Jul 11, 2022

    see an example of how a product capability map could look like...
    the capabilities (each box on the picture) is the structuring object to group/cluster for features (user stories) . by applying validation metrics per user-story it is possible to apply "portfolio management techniques" for product capability investment planning...

    guiding questions:

    • "how will my investments influence the product (capability)?"

    • "product market fit - how will my product adress the business needs ?"