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Bulk Delete Users

Currently we need to delete 1200 users that are inactive. Taking on this endeavor 1 by 1 is timestaking and tedious. Would be great if we could bulk delete. There could be multiple ways to verify this is correct to ensure that no one could uninten...
Shawna Wilson 1 day ago in User management 0 Unlikely to implement

Allow us to filter by Capacity fields like "Week Start"

We would like to see our work estimates by other fields not captured in the standard capacity report by creating a custom report. We are using the field "Week start" to show the estimates by month and those additional fields. However, we don't wan...
megan sanders about 21 hours ago in Reports 0

Limit personas in custom to a defined parent line

For a customer persona field, we would like to limit the Personas allowed to a defined level of product lines. So, the Product line immediately above the workspace, or 2 above. Or even by citing/naming the Product Line which would be the highes...
Keith Mantell about 24 hours ago in  0

Removing fields from layouts in a hierarchy

Related to addition to adding fields lower in a layout hierarchy, it would be good to be able to remove ones that were not "essential".For instance, one of our teams (with a product line) do NOT want per...
Keith Mantell 1 day ago in  0

When viewing a feature's linked records, include the release name alongside any linked features

Seeing that a feature is dependent on another feature doesn't provide enough context. I'd like to see the release name listed along with the feature name (or have the option to choose what information is displayed here).
Guest about 13 hours ago in  0

Add release name to "Belongs to" information when viewing requirement details

When viewing the details view for a requirement, it would be useful to see not only what feature the requirement belongs to, but which release as well. Without that information I don't have full context on the requirement.
Guest about 13 hours ago in  0

Option to send a release's features via an integration in bulk, without sending the release itself

With releases mapped in an integration, I have the ability to send the release and its' associated child records over to my development system with one click. If the release mapping is removed from the integration, this option isn't available. Eve...
Guest about 15 hours ago in  0

Force unique scores when using scorecards to rank features

It is very easy for multiple requirements to have the same score using the score card function. Some teams want an absolute ranking where no two features are the same score (like our engineering team). Would like a way to force unique scores using...
Guest about 21 hours ago in  0

Ability to black out dates in the date picker custom field

Our team is using the date picker for a "need by" date from our internal teams Idea requests. It would be ideal to be able to "black" out or only allow them to choose a date in the future and limit the request being requested and "needed" on the d...
Carolee Snarr about 22 hours ago in Features 0

Ability to edit the "My Work" area

There has been a new update that allows users to create Features and/or Epics from the My work area. If Epics are not enabled for our account, users should not have the ability to create an Epic in this area (and they currently can). If we could u...
megan sanders 3 days ago in My work 0