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Improve Report Scalability

I have a set of reports which all share the same columns and filters. The only difference in the reports is the content of the filters. I would like to be able to define a single report template that has the columns and filters defined. Then I wou...
Tim Johnston about 12 hours ago in Reports 0

Color-coding on hierarchy report

I use the pivot report style often to present initiatives and their features, and just discovered the Hierarchy report. This is much more inline with what I'm doing, but can we get the same color-coding? This is a large part of why the pivot rep...
Kaitlyn Moore about 14 hours ago in Reports 0

User can view progress report "burndown chart" on a sub release timeline instead of the roll-up release date so the team can verify the progress for the month instead of quarter.

Assume each quarter is a roll-up release, for each roll-up there are multiple monthly sub release say month1-month3.As a user, I want to see the burndown chart for the sprint on a monthly basis so that I can correctly determine any over scoped epi...
Sampson Wong 10 days ago in Reports 1 Future consideration

Ability to adjust report element hierarchy

In pivot and/or list reports, I often have the original report correct but then need to adjust what is the master record and/or how the elements are related. I also have had this issue with custom roadmaps.Right now, I have to take snapshots of t...
Cheryl Hatos 29 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Add an Aha Note to a dashboard

Like many teams, my weekly reporting is driven from a powerpoint deck. A lot of the data I need can be presented in a Aha! dashboard but I can't add any explanatory text alongside. So I end up taking a screenshot, pasting it into powerpoint just...
Andrew Foster 9 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Charts: Standardize Color for Blank values (RE: Sync Colors)

Right now, when the "sync color" button is selected in chart settings to apply tag colors to a chart automatically, blank values are assigned a random color. At best, this makes charts displeasing to the eye and mis-matched across a dashboard. At ...
Marcie Gardner 27 days ago in Reports 0 Likely to implement

Dashboard Dynamic Filters

Ability to filter reports dynamically in the dashboard. For example, apply an initiative filter to all reports in the dashbaord so I don't have to create multiple dashboards showing the same information for different initiatives.
Erin Jones 11 months ago in Reports 8 Future consideration

History of date field

Looking to report on due date changes of features and epics for decommission efforts.
Lindsay Gainey 2 months ago in Reports 1 Future consideration

Increase the maximum of 1,000 cells of data in pivot report

We are doing capacity planning and have over 50 teams. We would like to see all of the epics in the scenario's capacity plan by team by month, but cannot because we are hitting the maximum of 1,000 cells. In order to see all of the data on one r...
Diane Landante 9 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Highlight records in the custom roadmap with dependency issues

The ability to show dependencies in a custom roadmap helps us understand our delivery risks and what we must do to resolve challenges in our delivery plan. We'd love issues with dependencies to be more obvious while reviewing the roadmap, such as ...
Shawn Zenz about 2 months ago in Reports 1 Future consideration