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New design is ugly can I return the previous design?

Hate it. Why everyone trying to make all things on page bigger? I need more details on page not less.
Vladimir P 3 days ago in Features 1

Allow using automation to change the parking lot of new features in Aha Develop

When creating automation for features in Aha Develop, it's not possible to change the parking lot (workspace) of the feature. There is a variety of fields that can be changed, but unfortunately, the parking lots are not among them. This would help...
Niklas Gromann about 24 hours ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Allow Bulk Edits to Prioritization List

Once a prioritized list is created/saved, it would be useful to be able to bulk edit the Epics & Features contained in the saved Prioritization list. Assign tags, goals, initiative, dates, etc. to help with tracking, reporting and filtering vi...
Chris Lenzo 1 day ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Option to select Features from Roadmap in Features prioritization

When prioritizing features, it would be nice to work on features that belong to one release. So being able to only select the features from a roadmap would be nice
Guest 2 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Automatically assign requirements to linked feature’s PI

When a feature is assigned to a PI, creating new requirements should default to the feature’s PI, as SAFe teams typically deliver all stories linked to a feature in the same PI. Without this you need to manually link the requirements which results...
Madeleine Black 3 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Aha Develop: Expose Prioritized Backlog status in record properties and history

We use the Prioritized Backlog as part of our workflow in Aha Develop, records going from parking lots ("Engineering Work") or Roadmaps ("Product Work") into the Prioritized Backlog as they are refined and become ready.It would be really helpful i...
Guest about 1 month ago in Features 1 Planning to implement

roll-up requirement estimates to the feature level for the board

as a VP, when I present epics/features to Csuite on what we are planing for each iteration, we need a summary of those estimates and this is very manual right now for the product leads.
Maryanne Miller 5 days ago in Features 1

Hide workspace filter on Features Board

On the Features Board, you can add a Workspace filter. However, since only records from a single workspace can be displayed, this is not helpful. It would be a better user experience to hide the workspaces filters.
Emily Yankush 11 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

New option for scoreboard formula

In some cases the scoring is not linear, but also does not fall in to the low values of "powers of 2" and "Fibonacci sequence". An example can be: Company policy is to prefer developments related to region A. Idea related to region A = 1 Idea rela...
Qua3926 13 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

I miss the info page

I miss the info page
Jamie P 8 days ago in Features 2