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Set a default progress calculation

Challenge: Currently, the progress field is automatically set to calculate manually when added to a custom layout. This causes manual work if I want all my records to be calculated based on a different option.Desired experience: I would like to be...
Julie Price about 1 year ago in Features 29 Likely to implement

Inherit Feature Initiative from Epic

Request: We would benefit immensely if we had the option to inherit the Feature Initiative from the Epic and would like this to be a setting we could configure for our Workspaces. Context:We do not have any instances where a Feature would not hav...
Katie Richie 6 months ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Add visualization

For inspiring visuals add possibility to add images for ideas.
Guest 7 days ago in Features 0

touch screen scroll from feature card view

I am constantly trying to scroll down on the feature board using my touch screen. It hasn't worked yet :) The cards are big so you can see them all so I often want to scroll up and down. Can you enable scroll from within the page (touch screen ...
Guest 7 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Standard horizontal scrolling of Features bord

When scrolling horizontally in the Features board, whenever new releases need to be loaded, the user is taken back to the start of the board, rather than just staying in the same position. This is very much frustrating.
Guest 8 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Table of content (ToC) for description

For longer Epic/Feature descriptions, I would like to have an automatic Table of Content that links to the headings, preferably where you can set the maximum heading level (e.g. only show heading 1s, only show heading 1 and 2)
Martin Haitsma 24 days ago in Features 3 Already exists
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Allow custom field/feature values to be fed into scorecard

It would be useful to be able to expand the advanced scorecard functionality to dynamically pull values from other fields in Aha!Primarily, allowing people to have an estimate value in their score card and have that value pull/push to an estimate ...
Danny Archer over 6 years ago in Features 40 Likely to implement

Add features to Organization detail page

I would like to see everything linked to an Organization on the organization detail page. Currently it gives great insight into ideas - with graphs and number of ideas, what has shipped recently etc. I would like to see the same information abou...
Jennifer Lange 8 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Being able to bulk edit features (and epics) with numerical progress values.

As a business analyst, I would like to be able to bulk edit features and likely epics with a numerical progress value, so that I can quickly update multiple complete features based on progress. -once a feature progress calculation is set to "Manua...
Guest 8 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Feature mapping to Iteration and Epic

Currently, we have mapped Release to Iteration (which is by default) and to Epic. Hence features list displays the List of epics and the iterations/Sprints created as well. But, currently we are able to map the features to epic only. We are unable...
Revathi Doddaballapur 9 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration