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Add workspace name to calendar report items

It would be useful to be able to show the workspace name on items on the calendar reports. We managed a portfolio of products in Aha! and would like to use the calendar to highlight upcoming releases. However, we aren't able to indicate which work...
Guest about 1 month ago in Calendar 0 Future consideration

Be able to add a calendar as a panel in a dashboard

I have created a calendar report of all of my epics, showing when the epics are scheduled to be done. I would like this calendar to display as a panel in a dashboard, alongside other KPIs.
Jennifer Tattenbaum about 2 months ago in Calendar 0 Future consideration

Include Approvals in "To-Do" Calendar

Currently, showing a Calendar report of To-Dos does not include Approvals. It would be helpful to show both in the same report.
Guest 9 months ago in Calendar 2 Future consideration

Change the Date Range on cards to be international friendly

At the moment the date range on cards uses the US format mm-dd-yyyy which is not friendly for international users
Sophia Papadopoulos 3 months ago in Calendar 0 Future consideration

One-click option to view a release as a calendar report

Over the past couple months Aha! has added some fantastic one-click report options throughout the app. You can click More options in a custom table to see it as a pre-built list reportYou can click Manage integrations next to the Integrations page...
Erik Johnson about 1 year ago in Calendar 0 Future consideration

Create a calendar report sorted by schedule start date

Would love to create a calendar report sorted by schedule start date? Or even better one that keeps the schedule on the calendar until the end date?
Sherise D 8 months ago in Calendar 0 Future consideration

The right hand side schedule filter should persist through reload.

Currently, the schedule filter present above your unscheduled work resets itself every time the page is refreshed. That causes extra work if there are parking lots or other schedules that you do not wish to ever display -- eg long term prioritize...
Guest over 2 years ago in Calendar 0 Future consideration

show free slots in the schedule

set a filter to only show dates that do not have any activity scheduled. It is helpful eg social media posts. I can see in which week I haven't planned any post yet and can strategically plan a additional activity.
Leonie Mandelkow over 1 year ago in Calendar 0 Future consideration

Configure start/due dates to pull from a new Sprint Schedule configuration

Most software development teams work in sprints. Our team works in 2 week sprints, always beginning on a Wednesday and ending on a Tuesday. As the product manager, I often find myself referencing a handwritten list of sprint start/end dates when e...
Aaron Powers over 1 year ago in Calendar 0 Future consideration

Make it possible to connect to-do's with activities in calendar view

I find it very helpful to keep track of my to-do's in the calendar view but when I want to add a new to-do there is no way of connecting it to an already existing activity. In order to do so, I need to go back to Initiatives which is a hassle. I w...
Guest over 1 year ago in Calendar / To-dos 1 Future consideration