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Created on Jun 25, 2021

Release Phases represented as multi-day events on the Calendar Report

I can only find a way to see Release Phase Start Dates or End Dates in the Calendar Reports view. I'd like to see the entire multi-day length of the phase represented in the calendar view.

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  • Vito Cortese
    Sep 28, 2023

    Agreed. Being able to display items on the calendar based on the date range seems like an obvious, easy win. This idea looks to be pretty old. Is there or will there be any movement to implement this idea?

  • Marianne Gutshall
    Oct 28, 2021

    Another use case would be for managing in product campaigns that span multiple days. This would be a way to track what is live when and for how long. This would greatly help visibility and reporting for our product experience team.

  • Robert D
    Aug 13, 2021

    The release calendar should allow for a date range for all calendar options available (Activities Initiatives, Master Activities, Schedules, Schedule Phases, and To Do's). This would be helpful for the following reasons: First a release date may not necessary be limited to one day, the release could cover the multiple days. If this could be visualized the teams would be able to identify release conflicts when managing multiple release at one time. Secondly, the Initiative end or start date may not necessary correlate to the release date as may initiative dates go beyond the release date to include production support transition period. So being able to clearly see the release dates is beneficial. Lastly, our company incorporates Freeze periods (multip date ranges) where releases are not allowed. For Example during Month End our corporate Finance team has put freeze periods in place so that they can close the financial book and period without any risk of new releases impacting the system stability. Seeing the freeze periods on a release calendar as a date range would help the teams plan releases.