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Status Future consideration
Categories Rally
Created by Karla Johnson
Created on Sep 13, 2022

Change revision history descriptors for text field updates

It seems that some fields when updated via integration show a descriptor as XYZ changed integration link for Capability..123". This can be found in some values fields. Other fields like description simply state " XYZ updated the capability 123". This implies to users that these changes were done manually, when they were in fact done by the integration. This causes a lot of confusion. This would be even better if instead of the integration owner's name, it just said "An integration made changes to ..."

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  • Kelly Becker
    Sep 13, 2022

    This would be extremely valuable. My name comes up in Rally when an integration makes an update. To others using Rally, there is no way to know if I'm the one who made the change manually in Rally or if the integration made the update and its very confusing.