Ability to assign release phase length in working days (vs. start/end date)

When you set a release phase/milestone template, you define by duration (days - which I assume are working days but I'm not certain, they may be absolute) but when you are editing phases of a particular release, that information disappears. I'd love to be able to define a start date and duration for a phase, because that's more indicative of how I actually think about project planning, As is, I have to move the slider and hope i'm close (resulting in a lot of 18 day phases that should be 20 and 17 day phases that should be 15 etc.) or use excel to calculate finish dates based on start and duration.

  • Eva Humphrey
  • Mar 9 2015
  • Likely to implement
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  • Sean Connelly commented
    June 06, 2016 14:56

    Also difficult for me during the setup phase. I just created/deleted releases out of confusion a half dozen times before I realized it was counting calendar days instead of working days.

    Trying to lay out the schedule for the remainder of the year. Was using 10 days for two weeks, but should be using 14 days for two weeks, apparently. This can be confusing since any 1 day phase (such as planning, travel, CE, innovation time, etc) that lands on a Friday will need marked as 3 days to account for Saturday and Sunday. Either that or adjusted on a release-by-release basis -- but that's compounded further by https://big.ideas.aha.io/ideas/APP-I-1542, where currently a product line containing 4 products, 6 releases/year, and 8 phases/release means auditing and potentially modifying 192 phases to set up a one year schedule.

    For context, we're using the SAFe PI schedule - where each 'Release' is a 'Product Increment', all products have the same schedule, and each of those Increments contains various Iterations (phases):

    1. Iteration 1 (2 weeks)
    2. Iteration 2 (2 weeks)
    3. Iteration 3 (2 weeks)
    4. Validation / Innovation Time / Research / PI planning readiness (1 week)
    5. Travel / CE (1 day)
    6. CE / Retro (1 day)
    7. PI Planning (2 days)
    8. Travel / CE (1 day)