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Status Future consideration
Categories Calendar
Created by Erik Johnson
Created on Apr 7, 2020

One-click option to view a release as a calendar report

Over the past couple months Aha! has added some fantastic one-click report options throughout the app.

  • You can click More options in a custom table to see it as a pre-built list report

  • You can click Manage integrations next to the Integrations pages to see a pre-built list report of your integrations.

  • There's pre-built reports on workspace and account settings in the works as well.

Every time I use one of these I get a little happier — they save me from having to configure, filter, and save a custom report for data I want to analyze.

One need I have as a marketer is to see a single schedule as a calendar report.

  • Use case 1: If I'm building out a social calendar, I often want to just see my schedule, so I can adjust what publishes when and make sure I have the right balance of content throughout each day/week/month.

  • Use case 2: I need to assign content schedules for review — and often the best way to visualize them is through a calendar, rather than an activities detail view.

Each time I do this, I find myself wishing there was an option in the schedule's detail drawer to View as calendar report. From there, I could add in filters and other schedules if I needed them, but that one click would save me a lot of time.

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