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Aha Develop: Expose Prioritized Backlog status in record properties and history

We use the Prioritized Backlog as part of our workflow in Aha Develop, records going from parking lots ("Engineering Work") or Roadmaps ("Product Work") into the Prioritized Backlog as they are refined and become ready.It would be really helpful i...
Guest 4 months ago in Features 1 Planning to implement

Ability to move todos and approvals to different records

Currently there is no obvious way of moving todo's and approvals from one record to another. While there is the ability to copy and delete todo's it would be great if there was a way of moving it from one record to another. This would help use cas...
Niall Gallagher about 1 month ago in To-dos 0 Planning to implement

Ideas Portal - White list users within spam

We recently implemented the Ideas portal internally and externally. Every day since, are getting many internal user Ideas getting flagged as spam. It would be beneficial to have the ability to white list users, so their Ideas will not continue to ...
David Langley 17 days ago in Ideas portal 0 Planning to implement

Work requests: option to promote to an existing record, instead of creating a new record

Work requests are helpful for establishing and managing work records that are dependent on each other. Sometimes, the work records both exist when the dependency is identified. Instead of creating a new record through the work request, we rather w...
Dale Potter about 1 year ago in  0 Planning to implement

Support a published version of whiteboards

Currently whiteboards cannot be published. Ideally, they should be supported in a published version in: PDFs (including PDFs of presentations, notes, etc.) Presentations Shared webpages
Austin Merritt 11 months ago in Whiteboards 0 Planning to implement

Notification on new ideas

Is it possible to send notifications to multiple idea portal users when an idea is logged for the first time. Notification would be to make other users aware that an idea has been submitted. This is also so that the users can vote for it. Note: I ...
Guest about 6 years ago in Ideas 20 Planning to implement

Notification for external Portal Users of new Ideas.

My external users (customers) would like a summary of new Ideas submitted each week to know if there is anything they may want to look further into or vote on.
Guest over 1 year ago in Ideas portal 2 Planning to implement

Assistance with Figuring Out Release Capacity

The "Release Capacity" dialog allows users to enter in a capacity amount. however, the dialog doesn't much help in figuring the hours, days nor weeks. For example, I needed to manually calculate that there are 22 working days in July 2016 by count...
Guest about 7 years ago in Capacity planning / Releases 1 Planning to implement

Weekly summary emails for Ideas Portal Users

We have an extremely active ideas portal but our users find that they struggle to navigate through the 100's of ideas raised. One of our customers has requested a weekly or fortnightly notification email of new ideas raised to our ideas portal. T...
John Hopkin almost 7 years ago in Ideas portal 4 Planning to implement

Set chart X and Y axis scale independently

When creating a chart you can set the scale, but this applies to both the X and Y axis. Setting this independently would support a fairly common user case.
Nathaniel Collum 10 months ago in  0 Planning to implement