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Status Future consideration
Categories Sprints
Created by Todd Meyer
Created on Jun 13, 2024

Direct action to 'send to prioritized backlog' from Roadmaps feature

What is the challenge?

I manage features in monthly releases and parking lots in Roadmaps.

We also use Develop for sprint planning.

I often need to move a feature to the prioritized backlog in Develop when I am working from the Roadmaps features board.

Currently, there is no way to do this directly, which is very inconvenient.

What is the impact?

It slows me down and makes me feel annoyed.

Describe your idea

We have a custom Develop extension which shows the current location of a feature in Develop, but it is informational only right now. This should be formalized, and coded into a new 'Team location' field directly below the Team status field with the ability to change the current Develop team location.

It could be a dropdown with the following options:

  • Prioritized backlog

  • Workflow board

  • Sprint XX (any active sprints listed here)

  • None (remove from any current backlog/board/sprint)

It would also be helpful if there was an action for "Send to prioritized backlog" in the right-click menu on feature cards in the features board.

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