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Created by Clark Milner
Created on Sep 16, 2021

Reflect logged work in sprint planning and burndown chart

Sprint Planning should include tracking logged time not just completed. That way we can track progress towards being done. Today Completed is only updated when sprint item (Requirement or Feature) is done. This does not allow for time consumed tracking. Especially if the time estimate is increased during the sprint. Meaning an original estimate might be 100% consumed time wise, but the requirement is not done. Need to show time was fully used in the sprint, even though requirement was not done. Time logged vs Completed.

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  • Mike Figueroa
    Jun 9, 2022

    At CraftJack, we often roll some tickets at the end of the sprint to the next sprint if those tickets have not been completed. No team is perfect with their sprint planning story point estimation and capacity, so this seems like it would be commonplace in a lot of companies. In Aha Develop, moving tickets to the next sprint and logging story points completed DOES NOT update the planned sprint story points in Develop. When planning out the next sprint, we should be able to see remaining story points for partially completed tickets as part of the planned sprint points.

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