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Categories Workflow boards
Created by Jeff Tucker
Created on Mar 22, 2022

Backlog management for kanban teams

My team uses a kanban workflow. The kanban board in Aha! Develop shows every feature and requirement that's assigned to my team. Sometimes my team is assigned work that's not ready to develop yet, and I'd like a way to keep those off the board so we can stay focused on the work that's active.

Anything else should live on the backlog management page so we have a place to refine the work before moving it onto the board.

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  • Thomas England
    May 2, 2022

    For my 2 cents, the solution is not so much that only the current Sprint should be shown, it is the lack of filtering on various properties, including current or future Sprints.

    I am currently considering moving to Aha from Jira and whilst I love a lot of what I see in Aha, I cannot see a way we could migrate without being able to filter the Kanban board my developers use day to day. Either that, or I cannot pencil plan Sprints ahead of time and have to store all future tickets in a separate workspace (which degrades the self-organising principal), the sheer amount of noise devs would have to wade through to understand what they should be doing is just too much.

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