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Status Future consideration
Categories To-dos
Created by Stanton Melvin
Created on Sep 27, 2023

Add Dependencies to Gantt/Release Template To Dos for Better Project Management

Who would benefit?

Project managers and organizations are looking to have better project management capabilities in Aha.

What impact would it make?

It would allow us to automatically adjust schedules when we have dependencies built in and a task timeline changes. Right now, we have to change the dates manually.

How should it work?

Microsoft Project and other project management tools automatically control dependencies based on level of effort (time) and dates. If a to-do with a dependencies fall behind, then all other to-dos automatically adjust the schedule to allow for the extra time.

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Add dependencies to Todos

TODOs can have dependencies between them as well Can they be linked in the same way as features, release phases, etc
Guest about 7 years ago in To-dos 2 Future consideration