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Status Future consideration
Categories Presentations
Created by Anthea W
Created on Oct 7, 2023

Display the publication date on a presentation

Who would benefit?

Product Managers sharing roadmaps

What impact would it make?

Product managers need control over what is shared with customers, and they want it to be obvious to anyone looking at a roadmap whether or not it is out of date. So if we can make it really easy to display the publication date of a roadmap then clients, sales and any other roadmap stakeholder will know how recent the roadmap is

How should it work?

It should be possible to see the date when a secure webpage was last published, on the secure web page. Ideally it would be possible to configure Aha! so that a presentation theme includes the publication date in the footer of the slide, or on the slide title page. This would be helpful when using the Refresh on update, or manual snapshot options on presentations. It is less useful when using the live update option.

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Add published date to presentation webpage

I'm using a presentation webpage in an iframe on a company intranet. It would be useful for people to see the last date the page was published / updated from Aha. I'd like to see the date the web page was generated appear in the top right corner o...
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