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Status Future consideration
Categories To-dos
Created by Reilly O'Connor
Created on Jan 30, 2024

Allow me to create a batch of individual to-dos or work requests

Who would benefit?

Teams with large deployments who make heavy use of to-dos and work requests to track cross-functional work

What impact would it make?

  • Today, if I need to assign a to-do or work request to a large number of recipients, I have two options: 1) I can create one to-do that is assigned to all recipients or 2) I can create individual to-dos for each recipient. The latter is very time-consuming and manual. The former works, but comes with some challenges:

    • It is difficult to report on the "group" to-do and understand progress, because it is 1 record and 1 assignee field- I cannot report on whether an individual assignee has completed the task

    • It is difficult to easily parse the list of assignees within the to-do to understand the status/completion progress

    • All assignees are notified of updates to the to-do, which can be quite noisy

How should it work?

Consider introducing the ability to batch to-dos:

  • When creating a to-do or work request, keep the ability to select multiple assignees/workspaces, but add an option to create the to-dos as a batch- meaning, individual to-do records for each assignee

  • Now that custom fields on to-dos are supported, consider adding a custom field on the to-do record to capture a batch name (which could be also entered at the point of creation) OR default the batch name to the date the batch was created (so I can easily go back and audit)

  • Consider grouping to-dos within a batch on the "To-dos" tab of the record, so that upon loading the tab, I see a list of individual to-dos OR batches- with the ability to then drill into a specific batch to see the individual to-dos that are part of it

  • Add a "View in report" link to the batch to generate a list report of work request name, assignee, status so I can easily understand who has completed the to-do and who has not

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