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Status Future consideration
Categories Knowledge base Notes
Created by Emily Yankush
Created on Apr 1, 2024

Embed a webpage within a Note in a KB

What is the challenge?

When creating documentation to share in a Knowledge Base, sometimes you want to include information from another site.

Currently you have to either :

  1. Copy and paste that content into the KB, so you have to maintain it in two places

  2. Only provide a link, so the user has to click out of the KB to view the information

What is the impact?

This would allow for easier consolidation of customer-facing information.

Describe your idea

Allow embedding of another webpage in a Note shared in a KB

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  • David
    Apr 5, 2024

    A perhaps common use case is to embed a frame showing a Swagger UI page for a product that publishes details of API functionality in its knowledgebase. For this scenario, an alternative could be to build a dedicated Swagger UI component (I believe there's a library available for this purpose) available for Aha! Knowledge users to add to a document; if such a component could be configured to render an OpenAPI definition hosted elsewhere, that would obviate the need to embed another page at least for this use case.

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