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Ability to control order of Tags when picking Tags

When adding tags to say a feature, the list is always alphabetical. When you have more than a couple tags, it can be a pain to find the most important/common tags because they are buried in a list that only shows a few at a time. Ideally you'd be ...
Guest almost 8 years ago in Account settings 0 Unlikely to implement

Feature Creator Being Able to 'Lock' the Due Date

We would love to be able to gain some statistics on how well our team members are doing with the features assigned to them. This is so Team Managers can see how well people are doing picking up assigned Features in how often they are completing th...
Daniel Lowe almost 8 years ago in Features 1 Already exists

Better Formatting in Release Timeline Report

"Column" fields on release timeline report are partially under the milestone marker when two rows of fields are attached to the marker. When adding Release Name, and Release Theme for example, the Release Theme is placed under the Release Name, an...
Guest almost 8 years ago in Reports 1 Unlikely to implement

Ability for administrator to restrict product owners from adding custom fields

It would be great if the administrator could have more control over what the product owners can and cannot do. If product owners are allowed to create their own fields...filtering these fields in the list view can be overwhelming and hard to use. ...
Guest almost 8 years ago in Account settings 1 Unlikely to implement

Competitors Pricing Field into a Notes field

It would be nice to easily show a tiered pricing structure when analyzing competitor pricing. This could either be a table or screenshot, either way a NOTES field would work better than a TEXT field.
Guest almost 8 years ago in Strategy 1 Already exists

Idea portal - Watchers

people who create Ideas in the Ideas Portal are not being automatically assigned as watchers of those ideas and therefore not receiving email notifications when comments are added or statuses are updated.
Barathi S almost 4 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Already exists

Action of deleting comments does not show in the history

Action of deleting comments does not show in the history. Can this be added please?
Mark Noonan almost 4 years ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Multi-select releases in details view

Hello. In Details view, you can only see features for one release at a time. We would like to be able to see multiple releases at a time in this view. Its a useful view but this limits it.
Mark Noonan almost 4 years ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Separate filter for Master Release

When users are trying to filter on Features and Master Features associated with a particular master release, they must ensure the Product w/ the Master Release is selected AND they must choose the master release only by name from a long list of Re...
Guest about 4 years ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Idea portal with Salesforce integration: unique custom field values per request/link

We are a B2B company and we want to start using a private idea portal with Salesforce integration: Employees will create ideas on behalf of our customers, via Salesforce. We need to use custom fields that will get specific values per cus...
Guest about 4 years ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration