Promote an Idea to an existing feature within the same product

When I promote an idea to an existing feature, my expectation is that I am promoting it to an existing feature within the same product.  What I'm seeing, however, is a list of features across all products.  At the very least, it should show the features within the same product first and features from other products secondarily.  

  • Tom Beck
  • Sep 12 2018
  • Unlikely to implement
Release time frame
  • Sep 14, 2018

    Admin Response

    Thank you for your idea. The list of features is sorted to show the most recently updated features at the top. This is helpful when you are working on a feature or promoting multiple ideas to the same feature as you work on definition.

    At this time, given the explanation above and the search capability, we are unlikely to make changes to the order. We hope you can understand.

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  • Tom Beck commented
    September 14, 2018 16:43

    No worries.  You'd be pretty busy if you accepted all of my big ideas!