Filter out unlicensed re/viewers from Workflow board configuration

The workflow screen functionality is only accessible to licensed users, so it seems distracting to display and have the opportunity to check them (or have to uncheck them), and even less useful to display them on the screen. I'm not sure that I would assign something to someone who can't edit that thing. Maybe I'm missing something about the expected use here?

  • Derek Bambach
  • Jul 2 2015
  • Likely to implement
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  • James Mallorie commented
    June 06, 2016 14:05

    I'd love to see this too. We have lots of users and enough paid seats for it to get confusing very quickly. I would also like it if when new users are added to Aha they are not automatically added to the current boards. It seems that overtime we add a new user to they system they show by default in each and every pre-saved board across all teams even if the saved board view is private or shared.