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Aha Develop - Ability to configure the Cards within the Sprints

Enable the ability to configure the feature or requirements cards within the planned sprints.Currently can only see the Reference ID, Name, "assigned to" picture (if entered), status and Estimate.Would like to replace "assigned to" picture with us...
Clark Milner 3 days ago in Sprints 0

Allow approval gates for flexible workflows

We don't always use 'in design' status, so want to be able to skip this, but, if we make our workflow flexible, we can't require an approval gate to 'ship' a record
Danielle A 3 days ago in Workflow boards 0

Link a model to inititative(s) or feature(s)

We are using models for documentating MRD using a lean canvas format. This helps standardize the MRD and process. We would like to be able to link the MRD model to initiatives and/or features that are buidling that requirement. I understand the on...
Teresa Blok 3 days ago in Epic 0

Stand-up cross-workspace sub-workspaces

Would be leveraged for cross-product platforms & infrastructure, projects and peripherals.
Danielle A 3 days ago in Application 0

pinned ideas: ability to disable controlling the pinned ideas functionality

Requesting the ability to either disable the ability to pin ideas by portal or to allow for the selection of the portal that ideas can be pinned to. Many of our portals manage multiple products, allowing pinning for any product that is part of the...
Gaby Schernthaner 3 days ago in Ideas 0

Ability to sort the pivot table based on Iteration

Pivot table is created with Iterations as the Column headers. But unable to sort them based on the iteration numerically. E.g. Sprint 1 to Sprint 10 is created. Sorting this in descending order alphabetically sorts the Sprints 9 to Sprint 2 correc...
Revathi Doddaballapur 3 days ago in Roadmaps 0

Dynamic inherited personas

Inherited personas are very useful, but if I edit them in my Product workspace, this edits the entire record and affects other spaces.I would like to be able to edit the inherited persona in a way that makes the challenges that they face relevant ...
Guest 3 days ago in Strategy 0

Api for license/billing related information

It would be great if Aha supports billing/license API for information such as renewal date,paid date, user limit etc, which can be used for cost managing platforms.
Guest 3 days ago in API 0 Future consideration

Charts: Standardize Color for Blank values (RE: Sync Colors)

Right now, when the "sync color" button is selected in chart settings to apply tag colors to a chart automatically, blank values are assigned a random color. At best, this makes charts displeasing to the eye and mis-matched across a dashboard. At ...
Marcie Gardner 16 days ago in Reports 0 Likely to implement

Improve Knowledge Base Screenshots of Aha! to provide better visual clarity for users

In the knowledge base there are multiple articles with screenshots of Aha! that are used as visuals to help the user understand where in Aha! they should be navigating to when using a certain feature.However, I think many of these snapshots could ...
Guest 10 days ago in Training 0 Future consideration