Grouping Ideas Portal Users by Customer/Account

It would be great to be able to define in Aha! what "company" or "account" each Ideas Portal user belongs to. After the company information is available, we would then want the ability to filter and sort the Manager Portal Users screen by this field. We would also want the ability to filter ideas by company so that we can easily see everything that has been submitted/added by users at that company. Adding similar filtering to the Ideas Portal itself would allow users to see everything others at that company have added (i.e. My Company's Ideas). The ability to see all the ideas that users at the company have voted on would also be helpful.

  • Jeff Moore
  • Nov 21 2014
  • Future consideration
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  • Gabriel Michaud commented
    December 10, 2014 07:48

    This idea is also something that would be useful to us. Somewhat related to

  • Guest commented
    April 16, 2015 12:08

    this is becoming increasingly important as my user base increases - I need to be able to see what department mu users belong to

  • Jamie Burr commented
    July 15, 2015 18:00

    For any external user of our portals, we want a company field on their profile instead of just Name and Address. an Email domain is not often enough to differentiate between our customers. I way want to broadcast a list of all ideas a customer (not contact) has either initiated or voted on, for example. The only way I can do this now is to manually associate a customer to an idea through custom fields (which I would still continue to use for ideas that are sourced internally but have customer accounts tied to them).

  • Admin
    Suzanne Vaughan commented
    July 15, 2015 21:55

    Hi all -- To report on this information, it has to be captured. Could you please indicate how you would propose capturing it? For example, you can make a custom field available to your users so they fill out their department or company at the time of submittal. That cannot be forced at this time. Would it help to be able to mark a field as "required"? 

  • John Hopkin commented
    July 16, 2015 08:01

    We use single sign on and already capture the company name as part of a user profile but we cannot surface it in the portal. If we were to create an api that exported a few select fields from our user profiles into the portal that was automatically was added to an aha ideas portal user profile, this would suffice. However its going down a route that could be resolved just by asking the user to free type in their company name when they raise an idea.

    If we used a custom field for this, would we have to make a list of all of our customers for the end user to select from in a drop down?

  • Jeff Moore commented
    July 16, 2015 11:55

    I would be in favor of a mandatory custom field on the user's profile, however, this could be problematic for data consistency. I think a standard Aha! field for this information would be better and something that we could populate for each user so that we can ensure consistency.

  • Shawn McKnight commented
    July 16, 2015 14:29

    I think there are two separate areas being discussed here:

    1) Allowing for mandatory fields on the ideas portal.

    This is a good idea on its own, irrespective of the idea being suggested here.  We too often have users skipping fields (even the description) and it makes management of those ideas difficult.  It would be great to enforce mandatory entry to ensure well-formed ideas.

    2) Tracking the customer/client/company associated with a user for reporting purposes

    While adding a mandatory field to idea submission could accomplish this goal, I think you'll run into issues with either:

    1. Consistency - Different users might type a name that is formatted differently than other users type.  This would make reporting on those results difficult.
    2. Management - The consistency issue could be resolved by using tags or a dropdown list of available names, but then that would require management of all the names which would prove cumbersome for administration.

    I echo the earlier comment by John Hopkin in that we are currently using JWT to log our users into the portal.  It would be a simple addition to pass the information we are looking to associate.

    Perhaps for ideal flexibility you could allow for "custom" fields to be associated with a user and then that way we could set up whatever data elements we want for a particular user.  It would become important that we could filter (and view) this information in the ideas list view subsequently.  That way we could track idea submissions by whatever custom information we wish to, without impacting the end user.

  • Admin
    Suzanne Vaughan commented
    July 21, 2015 14:34

    It's important to note that you have the ability on the Ideas List view to filter by and view "Created by email domain". While it does not meet the entire idea outlined above, it does give you some of what's being requested here. 

  • neil Terry commented
    August 04, 2015 06:29

    Suzanne, it would also be great to order by domain name on the portal, private users list.  We have a private portal and I create all the users up front.   Being able to list by company name would be really useful.   Ideally it would be nice to have a Company Field which we can fill in & a comments field.

  • Ross Reynolds (External) commented
    October 22, 2015 05:38

    Suzanne, a lot of solutions in this space sync to SalesForce for this info.  I'm thinking wireline but also user analytics like User Voice.  That would be ideal for us.

  • Per Hansson commented
    January 19, 2016 13:55

    For us it would be good to sort in the portal "my e-mail domain votes( or assignments)" or Company. This is for our customers to be able to work with their information and understand their company needs. In addition to this I would like such a filter to include only votes made from the specific e-mail domain or company. This would help to read out a key customers Top list.

  • Thomas May commented
    January 29, 2016 17:47

    Great idea -- I was just about to post this idea myself.  My SaaS company is driven by large, enterprise clients.  It is vital for us to link users to a specific institution/client/company and to identify all ideas posted by a specific institution/client/company, regardless of the user.

  • Thomas Dhollander commented
    February 23, 2016 02:38

    We need the company dimension as well.I believe the company a user belongs to (and perhaps an extra level relating to department or site) is a fundamental dimension that should be deeply embedded in the idea space of Aha. 

    In fact, we would like to be able to use it to:

    • Have the ability to create an idea portal for each company (for a sponsor of a large customer following up feature requests of his staff) or at least provide the ability to filter by company in a general portal
    • Set importance of each company and take this into account for scoring features. For instance, a feature that is very important - relative to the total number of votes issued by this company - for a very important company is probably extremely important. 


  • Jamie Burr commented
    March 15, 2016 21:44

    Once you have the concept of Company embedded into the portal users, you could then start down the path of capping votes by company across all ideas, or only one vote per company on an idea - allowing you to have multiple contacts per company without unfairly propping up the vote count

  • Lee Payne commented
    September 01, 2017 17:23

    Simply looking for a field in the Ideas Portal User to identify Company.  As long as I can import or export that field, I do not need a specific report.  This is very important to us to manage our Customer Advisory Boards and Strategic Advisory Boards and stay aligned with Salesforce Campaigns.  A second nice to have would be to identify if they are a Customer Advisory Board or Strategic Advisory Board Member.  Being able to add customs fields to the Ideas Portal user would address several of the below.  But just having the Company Name field would address the biggest maintenance issue we have today.

  • Guest commented
    June 15, 2018 09:03

    I want to add custom fields to portal user so that I can add additional info such as MRR,Plan information for each voter

  • Laura Giles commented
    November 16, 2018 07:25

    Is there any update to this request? It's 4yr old. Would like to be able to do all this in the reporting module - not just portal config tab.

    It would also be great to have the SSO response store the company name in a custom field to allow us to better maintain submissions and report on them as part of regular QBRs (vs us having to go back and find ids, export and group by company name.. 

  • Peter Segre commented
    December 11, 2018 23:56

    Would like to see overall more attention given to delivering improvements to the Ideas portion of aha!  Seeing as this idea has not been implemented in over 4 years, it seems that Aha is ok with not delivering features that are considered core functionality of other interactive submission based portals.

  • Frank Larsen commented
    20 Aug 07:23

    I would also really like to have the possibility to add 'Company' or similar field to the Ideas Portal users.