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Shared Logins Across Multiple Idea Portals

We have multiple Idea portals that we use for each of our products and want to allow users to be able to access each of the portals from the same login information without having to re-register every time. We can't implement SSO so there needs to ...
Guest over 9 years ago in User management 2 Future consideration

Add new idea by email with fields filled from an email template

Use case: the customer support and the sales department use another tool to capture customer communication. When they receive a suggestion, they log it in a template that sends an email to the PM team tool. Info like category and urgency level is ...
Magalie Allard over 9 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Unlikely to implement

Missed required fields in Ideas should be more obvious

Folks are constantly thinking that they submitted ideas, but in actuality they missed a required field but didn't identify it before closing the window. Instead of the small red "This field is required," we'd recommend either not letting the user ...
Kristina Ursin about 1 year ago in Ideas portal 1 Future consideration

Prevent users from voting on an idea that has been Released

We have users that continue to vote and comment on ideas that have been set to a status of Released and Existing Feature. Would be nice to be able to prevent voting on ideas in specified statuses and remind the user of the status when they try to ...
David Jensen over 1 year ago in Voting 0 Future consideration

Select Idea visibility per portal within a workspace which has multiple portals

When an Idea is submitted an admin can choose if the idea is visible in the portal it was created and/or other portals within the workspace.
Daniel Lynch over 2 years ago in Ideas portal 3 Future consideration

Ideas portal: remove Aha branding when "something went wrong"

TL;DR: if an ideas site has a custom logo, please make the error page as generic as possible with no Aha branding. Bonus points: use our logo for the error page, but don't ask people to contact us! Details: our various Aha-powered Ideas portals we...
Brian Trombley about 3 years ago in Branding 1 Future consideration

Mails from the Ideas Portal are not compliant with GDPR legal stuff (especially in Germany)

In Germany, all mails from a company must meet certain minimum standards. For example, it must be possible to unsubscribe from a mail notification and the company legals stuff need to be at the end. There are the following problems with the mails ...
Chris over 3 years ago in Ideas portal 2 Future consideration

Admin response templates

Based on trends we have seen with idea submission, there is generally a few buckets submissions fall into that require an Admin Response. As such, we have drafted positioning templates to expedite a proper response in these situations. It would be...
Guest over 3 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Ability to save a draft of an idea submission

Our portal is used internally to capture feature requests from the field. The form we use is failry complex in terms of the amount of information we require the Sales and Pre-Sales people to complete; often this can take time to complete. The requ...
Dan Jeffery over 3 years ago in Ideas portal 2 Future consideration

Add additional info to ideas in portal

We allow our global systems engineer community to vote on ideas in the idea portal. Would be nice to allow them to attach other data to ideas (more than comments) that would be related Deal IDs, The geo they represent, etc.
Guest over 3 years ago in Ideas portal 3 Future consideration