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Status Future consideration
Categories Branding
Created by Brian Trombley
Created on Apr 20, 2021

Ideas portal: remove Aha branding when "something went wrong"

TL;DR: if an ideas site has a custom logo, please make the error page as generic as possible with no Aha branding. Bonus points: use our logo for the error page, but don't ask people to contact us!

Details: our various Aha-powered Ideas portals were briefly showing an error earlier today, see attached. Outages happen, it's ok.

However, my customers don't know who Aha is. We've done extensive rebranding of our Aha-powered Ideas sites to feature our own subdomain, logo, colors, corporate stylesheet, and certificates. When an error appeared today, my users saw an Aha logo and associated links. They have no context about who Aha is or why they're no longer on my company's website. Had this error lasted more than a few minutes, it'd become a bigger deal.

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  • Guest
    Jan 6, 2022

    This seems like a quick fix, given the customization available in the portals. Please fix!