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Search on users that are using SSO or password

Recently integrated SSO with Aha! (thank you Chris!). we're now going to transition users from traditional password to SSO. I think there are some small changes you can make to user administration to make this easier. Should be able to search ...
Guest almost 5 years ago in User management 0 Future consideration

Bulk edit assignees for Idea's Portal

Can support create an enhancement that replaces all the Ideas that had the original owner (Idea “creator”) created and change to a new person? Our current situation we have over 2000 ideas opened with one person signed to it. The goal is to have ...
andrew robles over 3 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Shipped

Allow GitHub users to pass through their credentials to an Idea portal

We have a large open-source community that uses GitHub to interact with us and who has privacy concerns (the anonymous setting for the portal not believed to be adequate).Ideally, our open-source community would be able to pass through their GitHu...
Lisa Stidham about 1 year ago in User management 0 Future consideration

Pagination for Submit Only Idea Portal

Today when customizing a Submit Only Idea Portal, fields contribute to a scrolling form that can look quite long depending on the number of questions you would like to ask. It would be great if one could select questions to be included on another ...
Guest over 2 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Ability to add custom fields to Idea Portal

We have users that create ideas on behalf of customers. It is important to capture the customer name with the idea. Customer is a custom field in IDEA, but it is not available in the idea portal
Guest almost 5 years ago in Ideas portal 4 Already exists

Don't remove idea contents when switching products

So - we are in the Idea portal adding a new Idea. I fill out the entire form and then realize I chose the wrong product. If I change the product it clears all the values in the "details" section. I think this should be fixed and it shouldn't de...
Austin R over 3 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Limit number of Ideas a user can create

Create a setting to limit the number of ideas a user can add. Would be nice if this could be specified to a time frame. Such as user can create 20 ideas a year. Right now user's can submit endless ideas, and it would be nice to force them to think...
Janice David over 3 years ago in Ideas portal 3 Future consideration

Add a checkbox to accept T&Cs

Hi, It would be a great addition to have the ability to set a content which ideas portal's users must accept to join the community. Thanks
Guest over 2 years ago in Ideas portal 1 Shipped

Need to be able to edit the "Idea Created" message that appears in portal upon submitting

The use case is that the customer has an ideas workflow where all submitted ideas need to go through a review process before they are actually published to the portal via the visibility settings. What currently displays on the screen upon submitti...
Matt Case almost 4 years ago in Ideas portal / Ideas 0 Future consideration

Structured fields to show back in portal

We are using the ideas portal as our feature request tool which is used almost exclusivley by our internal pre-sales teams. For any request that we feel has merit results in Product Managament having to provide meaningful information back to pre-s...
Dan Jeffery over 1 year ago in Ideas portal 0 Already exists