Better SEO support

The current SEO support for the Ideas portal is pretty bad. Search result performance should be one of the top priorities for a portal like this. Here are some big limitations I ran into when I dug into the Ideas portal:

  • The meta title tag is limited to the name of the portal. There's no way to customize it beyond just the portal name in Idea configuration settings. 
  • The meta description is taken from the Ideas portal description field in the settings, but it's not part of the original head tag of the html (it's in the iframe's head tag).  
  • The URLs are not human friendly at all and therefore not good for SEO. Nobody would know what idea is for. At least add the original title of the idea in the url. In general i'm not sure why you guys use IDs like "APP-I-594" in emails, breadcrumbs, and urls instead of the title of the idea. IDs are obscure and confusing.
  • No Open Graph options. 

Having the ability to add code to the head tag would solve some of these problems. 

  • Sergie Magdalin
  • Jan 11 2017
  • Likely to implement
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