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Created by Matt Case
Created on Oct 23, 2015

Improved Search Engine for Idea Portals

When searching for ideas in Idea Portals, many of the returned results don't seem relevant and it involves scanning through many pages looking to see if there is a match. It appears the current behavior is an implied OR. It would quite a productivity enhancer to be able to do AND searches and perhaps other more complex search queries to attain more relevant results.  

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  • Benjamin Woletz
    Oct 15, 2019

    Search Engine is still not up to par. It misses simple keyword matches. When I search for an idea that has title "Lift Restriction on SP Start/Founded Date" and I enter two keywords into the search bar ("SP Date") the idea does not surface. It's difficult to trust this feature when matches like this don't surface.

  • Guest
    Oct 24, 2015

    I agree whole-heartedlly.

    There are too many suggestions, so it is difficult to find a related one that you can vote on, rather than putting in a new one.

    It may well be that that the rudimentary search capabilities of the idea portal exacerbate the problem. If users can't find a 'related' idea, partly due to the fact there are so many.. they put in another one, making MORE ideas.

    Suggestion: Elasticsearch rocks. We us it, and it's the way to go. You could get by with a simple cluster or a cheap hosted solution.. you don't even need HA, since you can just re-index the data as needed should anything happen to the host..


    Give search super powers!!!