Searching for an idea on the portal should use the same logic as used in the aha application.

Our users are reporting that the ideas search on our ideas portal isn't returning useful results. 

Checking into this today, "OR" operators are used between search terms in the portal, whereas the search in aha uses AND operators. 

In a typical use case, searching in the portal for "copy paste dashboard" returns 34 results which are mostly irrelevant. Searching in aha as a licenses user produces 3 results which are completely relevant. 

Can you update the logic to be consistent with the aha application?

  • John Hopkin
  • Nov 3 2015
  • Will not implement
Release time frame
  • Dec 23, 2015

    Admin Response

    This is an intentional design. The rational is that most searching in the ideas portal is to find related ideas. Using an OR query there makes it more likely that related (but slightly different) ideas would also be surfaced. 

    We recently rolled out support for new boolean operators (in both the application and ideas portals) to allow for more advanced search queries. These operators include AND, OR, and NOT and can be combined with parenthesis.

    You can see more in our release notes doc: 

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